Sunday, June 24, 2007

A bus on route 105-Sherbrooke in Montreal ?

Hello !

Is there someone who can localize this bus in Montreal ?

(Route 105-Sherbrooke ?)


Thanks in advance !



fresco750 MSN said...

Hi Jean-Marie,
I think the # 105 bus is at the Elmhurst turn in Montreal West. The same area where the streetcar loop used to be. As a matter of fact it looks like a curved crack in the pavement caused by the paved over tracks. Jimmy Breslin who writes for Newsday in New York used to like to say that "Politicians sins are like the trolley tracks on Myrtle Avenue. No matter how many times you pave them over they keep rising to the surface." Walter

jmhachey MSN said...

Thanks Walter, I was thinking of the same place after looking at the 105-Sherbrooke route, but I was not sure at all. You are a fine observer to detect the tracks ... JM

fresco750 MSN said...

I can remember watching track workers install new tracks in The Elmhurst loop one summer. During the construction all streetcars had to travel past Elmhurst, along Westminster and make the wye turn at Parkside. At the passing track on Westminster (Westminster had single track) you would always see two streetcars waiting on the passing track due to the extra # 3 streetcars that could not make their normal turn at Elmhurst. Prior to this when only the # 70 streetcar traveled to Parkside you could spot two streetcars in the waiting track only during rush hour. This was exciting to watch but what a bummer when the new Elmhurst loop tracks were installed. All streetcar service was cut back to Elmhurst and bus service was put in place for people who wanted to travel past Elmhurst-Walter

jmhachey MSN said...

Walter, thank you for the history of Elmhurst loop.   Some Montreal streetcars routes passing through Elmhurst loop: Sherbrooke 9A (1954-56) Sherbrooke 63 (1931-56) Sherbrooke 73 (1924-25) Sainte-Catherine 3 (1908-56) JM