Monday, April 9, 2007


Does anyone remember Albert. He must have been about 40 in the early 50's. He had one arm and owned a small snack bar on Wellington Street near Hickson. He used to caretake at Rheaume park when I was a kid. The kids all loved him. i don't think he was paid to do that. This was in the days before parents had to be suspicious of good hearted adults around their children.
I remember my Dad used to buy lead sinkers (for fishing) from him.
Would anyone remember the fish and chip place almost next door to the bank on Wellington near the old Vimy Ridge monument ? Denaults I think it was called. You could get a whole bunch of fries for 10 cents, wrapped in newspaper and loaded with good old fashioned grease?
I love this site. Aren't old memories great to have!

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biking2006 MSN said...

Greasy, salt laden, vinegar soak, fish & chips bundled up with the Montreal Star? Oh yaa!. Loved it!