Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter Arrives in Montreal

.........and so it starts (or should I say snow,it starts) Montreal has a slippery start to it's day

While many Montreal students will have a snow day today, commuters are having a tough time getting to work on icy roads.

............from this morning's Montreal Gazette,...........'Ay Caramba' or Yikes !!!

.Can someone tell me what this snowday is all about,We still went to school regardless of how much snow...............(that is when we bothered going at all) lol....    HF&RV


Steve Gladwish said...

Ch 12 just said 20cm of snow than freezing rain and rain,then it snowed a bit 5cm on the way...sounds like they were surprised by this one snow removal only starts tomorrow night..

Les F said...

Yikes !!! Tomorrow Night 'Ay Caramba'

George Edwards said...

Beautiful downtown Cardinal, Ontario received 20 cm of snow and the rain and freezing rain as well. It took me an hour to get the 1/4 inch of ice off the car this morning. Snowday is just another name for laziness. Wouldn't want our kiddies to walk to school now. Would we?

laurette turgeon said...

I don't get snow days either we were sent to scholl and I remember walking to St Willibroad's on top of snow banks ,less traffic back then