Thursday, December 11, 2008

Venice Beach Live web Cam

Venice Beach Live

and then about 70 miles away is
Big Bear with winter sports



George Edwards said...

Hey Bob:

You are pushing your luck because I'm sitting in the house looking out the window at 20 cm (8inches) of snow and icy driveway / sidewalks. lol You certainly know how to hurt a person.

Glenn Larkin said...

And right next to Venice Beach is Marina Del Rey, where my office is located. It is a lovely day in Los Angeles today, temperature is 74f and I am just going to go outside to each my lunch.
Don't fret, as next week we expect windy, wet, cold weather - and that stuff does not do well here. Although we could use some rain.

Bob Gaboury said...

Yesterday, I was watching them snowboard and they where coming down the hill in short sleeves and cut-offs. Unbelievable,

George Edwards said...

To make you guys feel good it's a balmy 24F in Cardinal, Ontario right now and cloudy. Somebody has to pay for your warm weather. LMAO


Bob Gaboury said...

Ya George, we are supposed to have a heat wave
starting tomorrow, about 70 to 80 degrees F