Monday, April 28, 2008

Leo's Boys

Got this shot from Dan D'All who played on Leo's Boys Championship Team in the early 1960's and this photo is of the victorious return from
Winnipeg with The Little Grey Cup.
Any faces you recognize... Good Times --- Great Memories.
Gary Mace
Victoria, BC


arbutus MSN said...

Photo #2            

maggie6697 MSN said...

HA! My big brother!  I remember being there, on Helen's boyfriends shoulders the whole time. Unfortunately that's about all I remember about the event!   Maggie

pd1645 MSN said...

Hi Gary, When I saw Danny D'All's face in those photos today I remembered an incident involving him and my ex, Malcolm Brown.  Please pass this along to him with my compliments.  I wonder if he remembers this. Danny and Malcolm were good buddies and played on the Steelers football team when they were 16 or 17.   My Dad and I used to go to the games to watch Malcolm.  One time there was a stoppage in play and then everybody was pushing and shoving.  We could hear Malcolm - really ticked about something - I don't know if it was a bad call or a dirty hit, but he was hopping mad.  We could see his own team trying to get him away from the fracas but to no avail.  Suddenly Danny reached over, picked Malcolm up with one arm, slung him on his hip and marched off the field.  Malcolm was still waving his arms and legs and trying to get Danny to let him go but Danny got him off the field and probably saved him from being thrown out of the game.  Funny how those old photos brought back that memory.  Guess that's what this site is all about, right?   Pat

arbutus MSN said...

Great replies Maggie and Pat. Surely there must be others who recognize more of these Super Heros, mostly Verdun guys. I know John Brighten, worked with him on The Westmount Police Depatment fom 1967 to 1972. John is out here in Vancouver.   Gary Mace (ex 1045 Valiquette) Victoria, BC

cathyart1 MSN said...

1970 my old BF was a goalie for Leos boys...dave Simpkins....he was a great goaltender...does anyone remember him?