Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lachine Canal Daredevils

I never had enough guts to do this. I limited myself to diving into the Lachine canal from the ground in the early 40s.
From book "Le Canal Lachine" by Yvon Deslages and Alain Gelly (Septentrion) Pierrefonds Library


shirleyb-h MSN said...

Gee the guy closest to the ground looks like he is going to have a hard landing a bit shy of the water - ouch.

onesmac0 MSN said...

What an amazing picture. Kids were pretty daring
back then.

les__f MSN said...

I always liked that picture Guy,.....& I can Remember kids swimmimg (in the 60's) across that filthy Lachine Canal ,for a few cigarettes,,,,,,Yikes !! ...this particular picture is part of the Lachine Coke Crane,...once used to load ships in the canal:                                                            HF&RV

jmhachey MSN said...

Hi Les ! Do you mean the Lasalle Coke Crane ? JM

les__f MSN said...

Yes JMH I did mean Lasalle Coke Crane and only after checking bacj into the site thisafternoon & re-reading my post did I see that I wrote Lachine ( I guess I was thinking Lachine Canal while I was trying to type Lasalle Coke Crane......hahaha but in one of the links you posted ,.have a look at what someone else wrote: lacinetower.jpg   it's in the second link scroll down to the Lasalle Coke Crane picture & this is the heading used,.....hahahaha I guess someone else did almost the same thing,.except didn't spell Lachine correctly..................Yikes !!!  I did post some aerial shots of the Lasalle Coke Crane many years ago ,as well as the picture we are discussing now,.... Guess I would have been wrapped on the knuckles for that spelling mistake in the old days...................     Thanks for pointing out the correction needed...............         hf&rv

kencm3 MSN said...

Great shot! But if you guys check out the conversation going down from the photo on the second link, you will see that they are discussing that that is not the Lasalle Coke Crane but rather some other crane on the north side of the canal in Saint Henri.   Ken McLaughlin

guy5479 MSN said...

I took this picture last year while in my car on the Angrigon overpass of the Lachine canal showing the LaSalle coke crane in the background. Guy

les__f MSN said...

Hi Ken ,.I think I see what your saying ,.There were alot of cranes to load ships along the canal at one time,.... Here's a shot od the lAsalle Coke Plant (you can see their crane dead center: ...........interesting story & pics where I got this shot: See the pics & story here:   Also here is a Gov of Canada site ,detailing many aspects of the Lachine Canal & they show a picture of the Lasalle Coke Crane,.that they suggest will have a lookout deck built on it,and open to the public ,so perhaps one of our Montreal area members could sail up there & get a picture of exactly where the Lasalle Coke Crane is in relation to the first photo,....I remember that particular crane,.and do refer to it as the Lasalle Coke Crane,but that could be incorrect,.but I wouldn't base it on the continued story in the blog below that first shot,.as they seem to be talking about a variety of property in Lasalle,but the heading refers to it being the Lasalle Coke Crane ????? If you get the time maybe you could get us an updated pic: .here's the direct link for the shot above: ...the whole site has some neat history of many places along the canal,...... Click also on this next site & read & see a lot of places along the canal Scroll down and select any one of the numbered sites & it will bring you right to it,...also click on any of the maps or pics & to enlarge them.....................................HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

Hi Guy, do you know if they've made a public lookout on it yet ,On the Goc't site ,they mention that they were thinking of doing that ,or have done it? and if so ,is it free or is something you pay a nominal fee to climb up & take pics or look around,....(over at the STLamber locks they used to charge a 'dime' to go up in their lookout tower to watch ships go through the locks in the Seaway,..maybe they do something similar on the canal??                                                                        hf&rv

guy5479 MSN said...

Les, I will check it out. Guy

guy5479 MSN said...

Your roving reporter finally got around to visiting the Lachine canal yesterday and I took the following pictures. The LaSalle Coke Crane is ungarded, accessible and needs a paint job. I also took pictures of the surrounding area. As you can see, the federal government did a supurb job with the landscaping, total cost to date in the 50 million dollars range and don't forget we all paid for it. A lot of companies along St Patrick and you should see the building boom, Condo buildings going up all around including Verdun. The Atwater market area is completely changed. Any tourists coming to Montreal, particularly former Montrealers/Verdunites should rent a bike and take the trail along the Canal from one end to the other and/or take a boat ride on the Bateau Mouche just like in Paris, OK I'm exagerating. Guy  

maggiemck MSN said...

Beautiful photos Guy! You didn't take one from the top of the crane?

guy5479 MSN said...

Maggie, I'm not that crazy. I wonder if anyone ever tried to dive off the boon or is it boom ? Guy

guy5479 MSN said...

This article appeared in the La Presse this morning. It appears to be looking west and the Atwater market would be to the right. Do you members still remember your french lessons you took at Bannantyne, Willibrord and other Verdun schools, many of wich no longer exhist today. Guy    

les__f MSN said...

Je suis , Tu es, Il es,.......................................Nous somme vousete Ils sont              Sorry Guy, french is as bad as my english I guess .but yes I have a working knowledge of both languages,,,,,,,,,Yikes my spelling isn't any good in either....................hahahahhaha  I 'll have to rely on your hel;p I guess..............................................HF&RV            Thanks for that update........................

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