Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miss Stevenson at VCHS 1960-61

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_____duck MSN said...

Hi, Joan. That was before my time. In 1960, I was in grade one at St. Thomas More and Mrs. Kay was my teacher. I don't think we had nuns teaching until we hit grade seven up at VCHS. I'm still waiting for a scanner so I can get some pics up here on this site.   Susan (Poirier) Van Duinen Kingston, Ontario

pd1645 MSN said...

Hi Joan, I do remember Mother St. Mary Theresa  - and yes, she was firm, to say the least.  The one I remember the most was Mother St. Ita Marie as she moved up with our class so we had her for 2 years.  Does anyone remember her or know what happened to her?  I imagine she'd be in her 80's by now.   Pat