Friday, January 11, 2008

The old "PAV"

How can anyone forget the "Pav"  at Woodland and Wellington - I still make their famous SALAMI BURGERS for my kids and grand kids.  They just love them.  How many of you remember.  Going back to 3rd avenue, the pics are great where is Lorraine Kirk - she is is Burlington, Ont.  Jean Simmons, Dave Donaldson, my husband Terry and I went to Lorrain and Jerry's 25th Anniversay a few years back.  Nice to see old faces.  Bev Harvey Burns.


guy5479 MSN said...

Bev, Here is a picture of the old Pavillion that some member posted recently. This is the only photo so far that has turned up. I hope others will follow for our SHGV archives as well as for V.C. members to enjoy. Notice Hot Dogs at .10 ea. Guy  

shamrockbarbara MSN said...

Hi Bev   Great to see you on Verdun Connections, I just heard from Judy Brown and she mentioned you have joined this site.  Have you try Classmates yet, Rusbrooke School and Verdun High there are some old friends there.   Let's get together, send a reply to my email above.   Barbara