Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hi everyone, I have all the info and pictures for the different genesis of the Generation Gap starting off with the original band named the Gnomes featuring Danny Beck, Brent Meldrum, John Frainetti, Mike and Kevin Gauld and myself, Dave McAuliffe. The name was changed for a very short time to the K-o-tics but that's a story that only Robin Williams could explain with some justice so we changed the name to The Generation Gap. The line-up changed with the addition of Charlie Clark, Kirby Edgel, Alex Bielajew, John and myself. Although we did have a sax and horn players in the band this did not last long. Played at various venues around Quebec, Ontario, New York and Vermont. Were the headliners at the 1968 Verdun Winter Carnival and played the Youth Pavillion at Man and His World. The Last time the band played togerher was in 1969 at Angrignon Park with the line-up of John, Alex, Kevin, Mike and myself. Now for the good stuff. The band is planning a Verdun Reunion 40th. Anniversary get together in July of 2008. It will be a 60's theme reunion dance event and to quote Mike G. it will be a "come as you were" party. You can get more info when you contact me at So spread the word and hope to see you all there.

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