Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Generation Gap 40th. Anniversary Reunion July 19th. 2008

Hi I have all the info and pictures for the different genesis of the Generation Gap starting off with the original band named the Gnomes featuring Danny Beck, Brent Meldrum, John Frainetti, Mike and Kevin Gauld and myself, Dave McAuliffe. The name was changed to the Kotics but that's a story that only Robin Williams could explain with some justice so we changed the name to The Generation Gap. The line-up changed with the addition of Charlie Clark, Kirby Edgel, Alex Bielajew, John and myself. Although we did have a sax and horn players in the band this did not last long. Played at various venues around Quebec, Ontario, new York and Vermont. Were the headliners at the 1968 Verdun Winter Carnival and played the Youth Pavillion at Man and His World. The Last time the band played togerher was in 1969 at Angrion Park with the line-up of John, Alex, Kevin, Mike and myself. Now for the good stuff. The band is planning a Verdun Reunion 40th. Anniversary get together in July of 2008. It will be a 60's theme reunion and to quote Mike G. it will be a "come as you were" party. You can get more info when you contact me at So spread the word and hope to see you all there.


les__f MSN said...

Hi Dave ,where will you hold this event,?  Probably still get StWillibrord's basement ........I wonder if we'll be able to sneak any booze in there........haha Does Mike & Kevin live in Verdun still or Montreal area? & I thought I'd heard someone on here mentioon that John is in Calgary?? Sounds like an interesting get together your planning,... & Mike's idea of a "Come as you Were" will spark a lot of dieting,and I'm sure skipping a few Haircuts.......YIKES !!.........  Hope you pull it off ,should be a laugh,.make sure everyone takes a lot of photo's.....and post them on here in one of the 'Pictures' link on the left side of this page:                               Good Luck............................................................HF&RV

drummerdave341 MSN said...

Hi guys!!! The event will be held at the Verdun Legion around the corner from St. Wills as they don't rent out the hall anymore as the people who run the "Flea-markets" store their stuff in the church hall even though they don't have any sales in the summer!!!??? Dawson needs a super so they wouldn't any rentals untill they hired one and they have been looking since Sept.-Oct. for someone, so it was decided that the next best place was good old #4. The date is July 19th. and tickets will be $15.00 each. The beer is cheap so we don't have to sneak any cases of 2/4's in. The hardest part is the practices. John was in  from Calgary in September and we had a couple of sessions then with him and Alex was in from Michigan between Christmas and New Years and we had three session with him and he will be back in at the end of February. Mike, Kevin, Jimmy and myself are getting together once a month since September at a studio we rent and it is slowly "Jellin". Not bad for some of us who haven't played or sang since the bands break-up in '69 or life's other things that got in the way in the middle '70's like wives, children jobs etc..... Anyway hopefully you will be able to attend this event and bring back some memories with us. The event will have a DJ playing only 60's music, the band doing a few sets of material and should be a good time. Have a good one and hope to hear from you again soon. Dave