Monday, January 14, 2008

HDTV Obligatory by 31 ugust 1911

HDTV will be obligatory by february 17th 2009 in the US and by the 31st of August 2011 in Canada. The results will be that millions of analogical TVs will be discarded creating a serious environmental problem despite the fact that they can be recycled.
However, a decoder will be available to convert your analogical TV to HD but my bet is that many people will prefer changing their TV to a flat up to date HD model. Already, the old thick analogival TVs and monitors are being replaced by the new flat ACL and Plasma TVs compounding the environmental problem. Using myself as an example, I just replaced my 17 inch thick computer monitor with a 24 inch ACL flat monitor so I have to find a relative to unload my old perfectly good monitor.


les__f MSN said...

Hi Guy,.I thiink there is a place in Montreal ,who accepts old computer stuff & gets them into the hands of Seniors who want to learn to get online... I'm not sure where it is,.but George on the pointStCharles site may know,I'm sure there's a senior just waiting to get a decent monitor or computer,.and How great would that be to get more people online ,who have a wealth of experience & stories to share......... Good luck I hope you find it a good home.  

bfantie MSN said...

I think that all TVs will need to be "Digital" (as opposed to "Analog") by 2009 rather than HD (High Definition). They are not the same thing.....I think that all new TVs will have Digital tuners....but they won't all be HD.....N'est-ce pas?



les__f MSN said...

That sounds right Bryan,..... HDTV & Digital are not the same thing,.also Analog TV's Will continue to work fine ,as long as you have cable,                                                                                                           HF&RV