Tuesday, January 1, 2008


R. M. from Regina, Canada writes: We wouldn't want to see a city pass
a by-law outlawing the sale and consumption of something like
cigarettes would we as that might have some real meaningful health
benefits. No, we will tinker around with non addictive items menu
items. Some other steps then Calgary should take:

1. Remove table salt from all outlets, containers and packets.
2. Remove all sugar shakers and white sugar packets and ban their use.
3. Limit consumption of red meat (6 oz) to one purchase per week per
person in any restaurant or fast food outlet. ID cards/computerized
data base and ration coupons required. No more 16 oz T-Bones
4. Limit consumption of alcohol to max. of two drinks of beer or wine
per day and one drink (2 oz) hard liquor per person...again ID cards/
computerized data base and ration coupons.
5. Mandatory mass transit. All cars must be limited to neighbourhood
use only and must be electric.
6. All citizens must provide a weekly menu plan to the Calgary
Department of Health including a full list of fruits and vegetables
with proof of purchase. Substantial fines for refusing to or failing
to submit. Random home inspections will result in fines for these
people found to be hoarding or harboring any junk food (as defined by
not being on the Canada Food Guide), such as empty calorie snacks,
soft drinks with sugar, candy, chocolate bars, etc.
7. BMI fines. All residents will be required to report 2 x per year
and will face substantial fines if their BMI fails to match national sta

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