Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Was this the Osborne Lane

Was this Osborne Lane


Guy Billard said...

I don't know but maybe some other member might recognise it. If we do find out, I will add it to my photo album as I have an Album specially for lanes.

Stephen Redmond said...

Guy This was a little joke between the girl in the picture and me,This is Pat Perrotte and her boyfriend Wally.She use to live on Osborne but near Lasalle .As you can see the houses are only two story dwellings and where she lived they were three story ones.If she sees this she will say where it is .

Pat Perrotte said...

Hi, Steve,

I really don't remember the street where he lived. If anyone remembers Wally Venne, maybe they could tell us. Didn't I look cool in those shades? Ha!