Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Verdun's Mayors From 1875 To 2005



John S. Hall
1st John S. Hall
Louis S. Lesage
2nd Louis S. Lesage
John Molson Crawford
3nd John Molson Crawford
S.S. Bain
4th S.S. Bain
Henry Hadley
5th Henry Hadley
Joseph Allen
6th Joseph Allen
Edward May
7th Edward May

8th Joseph Rielle
P.-Z. Millette
9th P.-Z. Millette
Joseph Allen
10th Joseph Allen
Charles Manning
11th Charles Manning
J.A.A Leclair
12th J.A.A Leclair
J.-P. Dupuis
13th J.-P. Dupuis
Ch. A. Allen
14th Ch. A. Allen
Hervé Ferland
15th Hervé Ferland
Edward Wilson
16th Edward Wilson
George O'Reilly
17th George O'Reilly
J. Albert Gariépy
18th J. Albert Gariépy
Lucien Caron
19th Lucien Caron
Raymond Savard
20th Raymond Savard
Georges Bossé
21th Georges Bossé

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Thanks Steve, we have the list at the society but I am posting it in my album.