Friday, December 19, 2008

Space Allowed on Multiply

Maggie and Les:

Wanting to know more about the amount of space I can use on my site, I read the TERMS section of the Multiply Web Site and I found the following from the last 2 paragraphs of section:


Multiply reserves the right to restrict the number of messages wich a member may send to other members in any 24 hour period to a number wich Multiply deems appropriate in its sole discretion.

We reserve the right to limit the number of times and/or the frequency with wich any video file hosted on the Multiply Web Site can be downloaded and played.

This is another advantage I like about this new site in that we are not limited to any specific amount of space as on the old site, providing we do not make any abuses.




Les F said...

Yes Guy this site has some advantages,I think a more open message board would be seen as a help.
but really the way it's laid out ,is actually similar to the other site,.rec'ving each new post in the 'In Box' is actually helpful,it is something though we had recommended others 'not do' by changing their personal setting on the old VC msn site ,so they didn't get bombarded with unwanted one time when the old site was very busy,people would get too much deleivered to their email,and so the option to read 'on line only' was the choice most members made.
I see that when we click on anyones name it brings us to their own site,I would rather be able to just see a profile rather than be directed to any one persons personal site,makes me think I should at least sign the guest book, but if I'm just trying to confirm if someone is actually a member,it becomes a pain,as I do not know everyone individually,but feel like it's almost intruding on their space...........
I am constantly searching for better venues,& will alert everyone when We find something We think is better.or at least easier for most to use: You have done a great job experimenting with all that's available to you here.I hope more of our other members ,come & try it out too. HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

We alreaddy have to choice to have our own site open to everyone such as myself since I want to share all those wonderfull old photos or have it open only to our friends or relatives. So the more we get familiar with this site the more advantages we discover.

Steve Gladwish said...


Not sure if you got my last question is when I log in I can read the blogs..I can post too.
then it asks me to sign in...after that how do I see what is posted in the group..I cannot figure out how to get around I know its easy...but DUH

Thanks Les