Sunday, December 28, 2008

Old Verdun Post Office


I am including a 1899 map of area of the old post office. Since Wellington street would have to be the road on the right as we can see the tramway tracks, the road on the left would be Lower Lachine Rd. now called LaSalle Blvd. The continuation of the road was called Mullarky. I have put an X where the photo would have been taken. However, the description of the area in the text has me confused since they mention five streets, Wellington, La----?, Mullarky, Regina and Pacific ?. Wellington , Mullarky and Regina are shown but not the other 2. This was a project and it is not mentioned that the Post Office was actually built there. I will do some checking at the society. I will also take a photo of that corner.

I will need you help as I am unable to read some of the text. Here is my interpretation:

The Flat Iron Building on the Site of Verdun's New Post Office.

The site of Verdun's proposed new Post Office has been selected and will come as a complete surprise to the residents. At last night's meeting of the council a letter was read from the Hon. P.D. Monk, Minister of Public Works stating that the Government would be much more interested in the cclass of building thay put up if the town would code the site. The council decided to offer? a lot comprising 7600? square feet bordering on five streets, Wellington, La---? Mullarky, Regina and Pacific? avenues? wich th e minister had already offered would be suitable for the section oa a building that would be a credit to the town. The site of the new Post Office is at present occupied be a brick rection? foreign? to Verdun people as the flat iron building from its supposed resemblance in miniature to the famous New York structure.

Some of the words I put in don't make sence so maybe you will be able to find the correct words. I also want to translate this text for our society. Also, do you know what newspaper this article appeared in.


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Stephen Redmond said...

Guy I don't remember what paper that was from,but you have the date of it and you must know what papers were out there in verdun at that time.Maybe Les knows.