Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MSN Winding Down ,What Say You ??

Hi I'm just adding this 'copy' of a post I made moments ago on the old Verdun Connections MSN site:......from the thread 'Winding Down, what say You ? '

Feedback on different sites an ideas ,would be appreciated , as it's getting exhausting firing up new sites to see how they work etc etc ,....We chose not to elaborate on where & what place's these sites are ,but rather to follow the MSN plan to migrate to this Multiply Site,...we do have Blogs set up, & Yuku sites & various others including Google & others,....but maybe we are missing the forest for the trees ,Perhaps some of you have come across venues you prefer, if so let us know,& we can at least check them's the copy of the msg I posted on VC:

From: MSN NicknameLes__F  in response to Message 30 Sent: 12/10/2008 11:43 PM
.Not that many more days to post here on this , the original site that Maggie & a friend of hers started many years ago,so I hope the members still reading this site,appreciate it for what it was.A Place for You to make & rekindle some Verdun Connections:
 The jury is still out on the many new venues & sites that Maggie & I have been experimenting with, I do encourage you all to try the Multiply site,and learn (albeit slowly) all the functions & features ,it has to offer. Learn slowly & daily to see if it's something you can appreciate.It is our intent to continue to supply all of you whether signed up members or just people who surf by & find us,and like to read Our Stuff.( we are pleased you spotted the Verdun focus & very happy  a lot of you Chose to Stay & Visit with us,Thank You to All Who Shared some stories & photos & Joined Our Group,.also Thank You to All those Who at least stopped by to Read Our Stories & chose to move on to your own preferences ,: We Thank All the Readers & Participants).......well in the meantime, we want to find a superior site for you to visit,We will never cease to try to find the best & most simple user friendly site for all who sought out a Verdun site,.Then all We can Do is Invite You All to come & visit &,once more & make us a strong and daily presence for many to share:
    For all those who met new people here ,or found old ones , then I suggest you try & keep in contact with each other,and don't let another 30 to 50 years go by ,before you start to       Have Fun and Remember Verdun.




George Edwards said...

Good Morning Maggie & Les:

I can appreciate how busy you both have been; doing what you have been doing to continue the VC site. I want to say THANK YOU and continue the excellent work. It is much appreciated by us all.


Maggie McKiernon said...

Les, well said! I will soon be saving the membership (sml) and contact lists to a disc so the "alumni" of VC can be contacted if a fabulous, user friendly site appears in cyberspace. For now, we have to work with what is available.
Please be sure to update your email addresses in the contact list and the "sml" list (under documents).
Most of all, keep making those "Verdun connections".