Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moving Back

Well, I packed up everything today and I'm leaving tonight for Montreal.  I like driving at night.

When I get there, I am going to start looking at my home buying options.  Verdun will be top on the list. 

I'll keep you all updated on my progress and post some photos.




Les F said...

John have you checked the weather channel............the whole country's having some crazy weather.,be careful man, Even as I type this response ,it's snowing here in Victoria ......Yikes & back east got hit yesterday & more on the horizon,........If your going to Montreal ,then before you get to WaWa Ont make a left ( I think it's #11,but it's been a while so check it out & it takes min. 2 hours off the overall trip to Montreal,.cause you don't have to drive down around the lakehead,etc etc .....It's the route the truckers take & the road is always good. Good Luck on your journey,be-careful & I hope you post up some Verdun pics when you get settled,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HF&RV

Stephen Redmond said...

Hope you have a good trip.

John Hill said...

The weather was good but very cold on the prairies. When we hit Wawa there was a white out for about 75km. Otherwise it was a great trip.
Yesterday when I got here I took a walk down Woodland and saw my grandparents house. The new owner painted it and it is for sale(1090 Woodland)!!!!! I am checking into his price.
My father worked at Woodland Automobile. Now there is a new showroom on the eastside of the street where I remember seeing row upon row of Studebakers (mostly Larks) parked. On the west side of the street, they have built a new service department.

I have taken lots of pictures and will post same as soon as I find and apartment.

walter krysiak said...

lots for sale in vedun, counted 23 just around riverview area
wait till march 2009 or better june 2009
make sure to get approved asp, the banks are very nervous

John Hill said...

I grew up at 1273 Godin and my other grandparents live across from the park on Riverview. Another member of the site owns the place now.

John Hill said...

I saw some places today, just 3. Most needed a lot of work. I'll be seeing 6 or so on Thursday. Any advice or a better agent than have would be great.