Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to communicate

Here is the way I found to communicate:

Verdun Connection Blog:

This is the closest this new site has to the old site message board.

V.C. Inbox (Shows Recent Updates):

When I post a new album on my site, a message appears on the V.C. inbox advising that I have posted a new album.

Blog on my site:

When I post a message on the blog of my site, the message also appears on the V.C. blog. 

My photo album is open to everyone as I am in the process of entering most of the photos that I have collected in my computer over the last few years and that have reference to Verdun. These photos come from myself, from Les and other V.C. members and from the SHGV. I am grouping the photos according to subjects wich will make it more coherent. So do not hesitate to visit my site and comments, corrections or other photos are welcome and I will keep it up to date.



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