Friday, December 5, 2008

Help Page Migration Questions

This link posted here ,is also found in our opening page,near the bottom offering help to any questions you may have concerning the Multiply site & features,

when you click on it ,it will open a window with several tabs across the top,(seems to be the same theme throughout the site)

the Tabs start with Home,  Blog, Photos.  etc etc etc if you have a question re any of those topics then click on that tab ,and read what's there,.....

As frustrating as it may be to start with , Remember to take your time,and just Learn Slowly .....everything will start to reveal itself to you & it will unfold and make sense.

Again I would encourage everyone to just play with the features & share your new leanings with us & others who may need the help to navigate through here.

     Good Luck & as with the old site, Feel Free to ask Questions for any help...

 We will try our best to be of assistance.........................




Guy Billard said...

Is there a limit to the space we have on this new site ?

Les F said...

Hello Guy , I am not absolutely positive, but from what I've been reading ,.I don't think so, ( at least I haven't seen anything definitive.) I do however seem to recall reading somewhere a 25mb limit but as I'm ezperimenting on many different sites (otherthan this Multiply) I may have read that info somewhere else.
Good question Guy, & if I do come across some more info I will let you know,
You seem to be learning to navigate the site, just keep trying different things,and I'm sure we will make do for now,. .............................................Good Luck HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

I noticed that there is a chat room on V.C. YuKu. I suggest that you set up a specific time for those interested, say 8.00pm to start the conversation rolling. I noticed that another site used this method and it seems a good idea, that way we are not left waiting.