Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Montreal

Another Year comes to an end 2008.....good or not so good ,it's over,& Now's time to think of making your upcoming New Year one of the best you can.....Appreciate all your family & friends and Remember everyday above ground is a good day........
 tomorrow is New Year 's Eve ...so party hardy,but bring in the New Year safely!

      ..and Remember Gas is now more Expensive than Booze, so Drink,Don't Drive

....the Wagon's coming around tomorrow,for those of you ,who feel the need to get on it (or back on it) as the 'case' maybe.....that's your L'il Red Wagon to climb on,
and I hope none of you look like this guy tonight,(he was never on the wagon)lol
but it is easy to make it look like your on the wagon...............lol

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