Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guy's photo Album - Progress report

I am lowly progressing with my photo albums and I am up to album no. 23 this morning. As I have mentioned before, my method is to group photos according to subjects and I am downloading the pictures that I have accumulated over the last few years pertaining to Verdun. These photos come from my own albums, from V.C. members specially Les, various internet sites, and from our society's members & archives (SHGV), These photos personify Verdun and is a gold mine of memories of our living there. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I intend adding and correcting to these albums and your input is welcome, either by adivsing of errors or by suggesting photos to add to the collection.You may have noticed that my album is bilingual as my family and friends are involved and I hope that this meets with your approval.




Les F said...

Nice job Guy in eitrher language, you certainly are working hard to help us Have Fun & Remember Verdun
Do you use the Multiply quick loading tool or do you load them through the 'add photos' button then selct from your hard drive yourself,.I find that one can take up some time,and yet I've seen it where it was very quick ?? In anycase nice work, I have a multitude of photos I may or may not have posted in the past,but I usually will just add an album of various shots,..all in all it's the value of the pics in the end.So however everyone does it is good with me,.I just like seeing the pics. I find it a neat way to ----
--- Have Fun & Remember Verdun---

Sherry Hummell said...

Guy - you are doing a wonderful job - keep it up. It's nice to see such a "work of art - from the heart".