Friday, December 5, 2008

Clarolca New Thread

hi Clarolca,....... You can start a Brand New Thread, by clicking on the green plus sign ,at the top of the page on the right side ,where you will see the word 'Post' this will open a new window giving you with many different choices to be able to add either to the 'Blog' If you select the Blog choice ,you will then see a window that says

              Compose Blog Entry      under which you can then type in a Title for your new thread,and then type youe actual message in the larger window under that,you can also choose many of the same choices that were available to us on the MSN such as  font italics bold etc etc ..........Good Luck ,and Practice makes perfect, and onlt time will tell how good we all get at this site,but as with Our original site , just ask & any one of us will try to answer any questions, we built a great site over the years, with cooperation from everyone,So type away......and Let's learn together...don't forget to also:

                                                       Have Fun & Remember Verdun

     ps: the Atwater Market photo was just a test of the new buttons, I guess I'm 'shopping' for new ideas................hahahahah                 hf&rv

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Les F said...

by the way , I didn't use the 'spell check' ..............could anyone tell.........hahahahah HF&RV
I also don't see the font choices when replying in this 'add a comment' spot to the above post.
So I guess those choices are when starting a new thread ???? Ay Caramba , Yikes , I'll figure it out sooner or later ( I hope) HF&RV