Monday, December 29, 2008

Chat Stuff ??

We have a link to one of our other sites that we started experimenting with ,when searching for replacement venues for this Group.

My question is this ,since I haven't spent much time on the linked yuku site,There is a chat feature,that Guy asked me about a few weeks back ? Anyone can use it ,if that's something they like to do, there is only a few members in there,as we weren't sure which site we were going to use,...I check it periodically & have only opened 1 topic thread, I am only keeping it alive ,in case any of you want to use it. Anyone care ( I don't ) hahahahahaha      We now have potential groups idling on most major search groups , well as a blog out there in cyber space too,.... Any thoughts ???

I will maintain the site,but I may not get to responding to the people that are members there now ,but I don't want them to think they are being ignored,I believe most of them are members here too,.So let me know if there are some of you that want to use the chat..                                                  HF&RV

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