Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adding another post,and one photo ,still testing really as to this sites viability:

Jacques Cartier Bridge,
Molson Brewery
the Old Pier with the familar clock tower
Just some of Montreal's historic waterfront:


Les_F said...

I took these pictures from the little bridge going over to Ile Notre Dame

Les_F said...

I will post a few more photos and see how & if this will work, if it seems Ok I'll then invite others to have a look at it....or I let it die here on the vine.......lol

Les_F said...

Just keeping up to date, if this appears to be user friendly or I have the will to bother promoting it, then maybe I'll invite others to join,In the meantime I'm just killing time,while contemplating whether I have the energy to start up another site....lol