Thursday, December 4, 2008

Accident corner Bannantyne and De L'Église

I am still experimenting and trying new things such as this message with photo wich I am adding to the BLOG section of the Verdun Connection site.

Here is another photo of the accident wich killed the "Brigadière" the other day at the corner of Bannantyne and De L'Église (Church). I am still in doubt as to exactly what side of the street the accident happened so I will do some more research.


I was at that corner today and took the top photo from the opposite corner and you can see the flowers around the post. Les, you were right, the old photo you posted is the side of the street where the "Brigadière" was killed". My photo was taken at the other side of the street. The lower Messager photo is looking towards Hickson and the multi-level building in the left background is where the Notre Dame du Cénacle school was situated and is the school I attended. Again. on my top photo, you can see Notre Dame Auxiliatrice church and Bannantyne street is on the left looking towards LaSalle. On the right is looking towards Côte St-Paul. Those familiar with the area will better understand my explantion (I hope).

I just had to clear this matter up.




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Les F said...

MONTREAL ­ More than 500 mourners arrived at the Notre Dame de Sept Douleurs Church in Verdun Saturday morning to say a final goodbye to Nicole Demontigny, a beloved school crossing guard who died in an accident while at her post in Verdun.

She was killed at lunchtime on Nov. 28, after two cars collided at the intersection of Bannantyne and de l’Église Sts. According to the Montreal police, one of the two cars, driven by a 26-year-old man, is believed to have gone through a red light at the intersection, setting off a chain reaction that caused her death.

Among those who attended the funeral were more than 150 of her fellow crossing guards, some from as far away as Quebec City. Montreal police Chief Yvan Delorme and other high-ranking officers from the force paid their respects as well.

Demontigny, 53, worked for the Montreal police as a crossing guard and helped schoolchildren make it safely to and from École Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs in Verdun for eight years. In the days that followed her death, many people, including children, left flowers and messages at the scene of the accident as a memorial to Demontigny, who was also a mother of two adult children and had two grandchildren.

No one has been charged in connection with the accident, said Montreal police Constable Lyne Labelle. But the investigation into the accident continues and results of tests conducted at the accident scene are expected this week