Monday, December 29, 2008

A & W

Wasn't there an A & W on Church Avenue and Lasalle back in the 50s or 60s?



Ron Leonardo said...

Hi Stephen
Reguarding the A&W that was on church ave. it was there in early 60 i use to go there and is now Tim's.

Stephen Redmond said...

I guess that it wasn;t on the very corner then cause Guy's photo show a ESSO station.

Bill McKiernon said...

There was in the 60's. Not sure about 50's. I think it stuck around (it was a Drive - In) until the early 70's. It was neat getting the trays that hung onto the car window. Is there one there now? The Esso station was ( or maybe still is?) on the South West Corner - A&W was on the North West corner

Steve Gladwish said...


It was there in the 70's..used to go there and try and pick up the waitresses....then they named it Charlie's