Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1899 Map of Verdun - Queen's Park

Here is an 1899 map of Verdun and as you can see, the streets where subdivided to Rockland wich is now Willibrord. Beyond Rockland the land was subdivided and numbered into lots stretching towards LaSalle wich would have been farmland. So basically, the population would have lived between Church and Ursula wich was the extention of Atwater and now Henri Duhamel. Queen's Park was situated between Galt, Bannantyne, Willibrord and Wellington or Lachine Road (LaSalle Boul.) One source says the southern part of the Park went to Wellington another says LaSalle. I am still doing research on this. One study mentions that the Clubhouse was situated at the corner of Rielle and Wellington wich may be the building at the end of the Velodrome shown on the photo but needs to be confirmed in wich case the stands would have been facing east but this is only speculation at this point. There seems to be another building on the extreme left of the photo. I also want to find out what the population was at that period.

More to come on the subject.


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