Sunday, May 4, 2008

Second WW2 Verdun Photo

Here is another old WW2 photo from our SHGV archives of 6th ave. Maybe someone recognizes the soldier on crutches, you never know. Sorry for the poor photo as it is a copy of a copy.

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les__f MSN said...

Guy it looks like the soldier was a Sgt. is that a Sgt stripes on his arm,.then there would be a list somewhere (I think we've seen one before) that lists all the soldiers who came from Verdun ( & whereever of course) but maybe we could narrow it down ,to someone living on 6th av, (It's a long shot,but you never know,I would think the guy did live on 6th as most people would have watched a parade near their home,?????                                                  HF&RV