Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bev Brisco sue and peter Brawly

There are a few people I have been looking for over the years.
Bev Brisco use to live on Egan and left Verdun after getting married and then moved to , of all places, Sudbury ont.
I'm also looking for Wendy Mills and Susan and Peter Brawly. (spelling?)
I have already posted that I'm looking for anyone who may have been in one of my classes in Woodland school. I'm looking to find class pictures with myself in it, for I lost a photo album years ago with a great collection of all my pictures growing up, including class pictures from Woodland school. My favorite was my grade three class, with Wendy Mills and Gail Sharky and Ken Taylor. If you have any I'd appreciate you letting me know.
Sandra MacDonald

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