Thursday, April 10, 2008

1954 All Saints Scout's from Crawford Park

This was All Saints Scout Troup from Crawford Park at the location in Lasalle on the corner of Dollard and Newman which there was no Newman...I was one of the troup of thirty some troups participating that weekend....There were games and such and as seen we made our sign with heavy tree branches and could be see all over the camp this location has car dealers and duplexes throughout the area....Just another blast from the past from Frankie Pedder and more to come


the lad MSN said...

Hi   Remember Lapierre before it was there? They had a little neighborhood all its own in there. When they were paving it all the way down..know of some guys who would use it  to ah test their cars out..shall we say...not much there then but this one long new road...sorry to go wandering here but you reminded me of it..Les if you read this does it ring a bell?   Lad

jim ingraham MSN said...

I was a member of the All Saints Cub pack in the late 50's although at the time I had to go to the United (?) church for scouts. Jim