Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walmart flipflop warning

OK girls - I bought some of these flipflops from Walmart of course not as cheap as they went on clearance in the U.S. I bought them to embellish for myself and my sisters but my first attempt at making flowers to use on my first pair didnt turn out on my embroidery machine because I didnt have the stablizer (like interfacing for embroidery machines) so I used a substitute and they didnt look as professional (of course not) as the picture.  I still have the 3 pairs that I bought but thank God they didnt turn out and I didnt wear them or give them to my sisters.  these flip flops had some chemical irritant that caused chemical burns to the feet of the women who wore them for a short period of time. So just a warning be careful if you are thinking about buying flip flops.  I was thinking that they would be good for my sisters to wear to the beach or around the pool.


shirleyb-h MSN said...   I bought lime green ones and turquoise ones and black ones they all have flowers on the upper sole.

maggiemck MSN said...

Please keep in mind that millions were sold and a handful of consumers were affected.

les__f MSN said...

Now those pics ,should have qualified for the Yikes Stuff thread ..................hope the Chinese rubber factory isn't making Condoms,......cause you wouldn't knw if the pictures were before or after shots,....................Yikes !!! ....hahahahahah