Sunday, February 17, 2008

McKibbin's irish pub

st.paddy's day comes early to irish pub
McKibbins irish pub has been given 30 days to remove
english-language signs or face tough fines.
what do you think about the OQLF'S request to have the antique
english-language signs removed from McKibbins irish pub??
share your views
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keithinbeeton2 MSN said...

Reminds me why I left in 1983. Note also that the Charest liberals are "cracking down" on Bill 101 as well to gain favor with the voters. Thats a good enough reason for me to vote conservative. Even the UN says that Bill 101 is wrong but what the heck, We here in Canada have no backbone when it comes for standing up for what is right and just. My father fought so that we could be free and this flies in the face of all those who gave their lives so we could speak any language of our choice and not rammed dopwn our throats.   I would have thought by now that the people of Quebec, particularly second generation since Bill 101, would be comfortable with their status.   My wife, who is french Canadian, also shakes her head in disbelief as well.   Pity.

stephenfredmond MSN said... Steve