Sunday, February 17, 2008

Joseph Barabé Restaurant in the Point

Since food seems to be a favorite subject of VC members, I thought this eating place in the Point might be of interest for those familiar with the area.
The Jos Barabé Restaurant situated at 1170 Ropery Street, a short street east of Charlevoix, near Magnan's, seems to be an institution in Point St Charles although I never heard of them. Enclosed are a 3 photos from a booklet dated year 1998 from the SHGV archives.Has anybody heard of this restaurant wich had its heyday during the time Northern Electric had 12,000 employees and Belding Corticelli, Redpath Sugar, Sherwin Williams were in operation. (Incidentally, Scotty Bowman worked as a salesman for Sherwin Williams before his involvement with the Canadiens in the 50s. The Forum was a short walking distance from Sherwin)).


les__f MSN said...

I had many a glass of spruce beer in Barabe's while waiting for my Mom to finish bowling at the Bowling Alley that was right around the corner on Center St in the Point, oldman & I would go to pick her up,& part of the deal was we would go to Barabe's & wait for her to finish bowling,.I seem to Remember that the spruce beer in there was served in those small coca-cola glasses,......................Neat old memory,.Thanks Guy            I always have a housefull every Sunday ,for dinner ( My Mother is always the head guest....hahahaha So I will mention Barabe's celebrating it's 80th Anniversary ,...she would have been almost 8 years old when they opened...............Cheers!!                                                          havefun&rememberVerdun

les__f MSN said...

That's right June ( maybelle) ,,,,,Homemade beans were there specialty,.............good memory prompt ,.....Thanks                                                                                    HF&RV

* info said...


I was wondering if you still have the three pictures you posted in this blog post. I can't find a contact information to message you. I am a university student from the University of Manitoba studying architecture. I visited Montreal in October and found the old site of the Barabe restaurant that you wrote about, and there were only the wall foundations left on the site. I was wondering if you still have the pictures you posted, and if so, would I be able to use you as reference for my project? Please e-mail me back at if it is possible.

Thank you,

Clarisse Camiguing