Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anybody out there?

I'm Brien Whalen VCHS class of 69. My wife, Jo-Ann Williams, VHS class of 70, have been living in Winnipeg for the last 14 years. Both of us are looking for lost contacts.


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les__f MSN said...

Enota0,.Hi Brien Welcome to you & your wife ,onto the Verdun Connections site,.You most likely will meet some old familiar faces,.& friends,.but Type out some names ,.& story's etc etc ,.and I'm sure you will have some success...............Good Luck Also.if you have some old Verdun pictures or Montreal Stuff,.then hopefully you guys will relay those & share 'em here...... If you have any questions ( as to How to..anything here) then ask away We' will try to help:                                                    HF&RV