Thursday, February 14, 2008


In regards to obituaries and searchings for one's ancestors, I think
'all' mortuaries should have an online data base where anyone could
easily research a dearly departed on their home computer. This data
base needs to extend as far back as the cemetery is old. Also it would
be very helpful if all the cemeteries in Quebec were interrelated
electronically. All one needed to do would be to type in a name and
approximate date of death, and shazam, the cemetery and plot number on
our respective computer screens. My humble suggestion isn't an
unrealistic impossibility after all compared to the two mechanical
rovers roaming the planet Mars.
Bill (Second Avenue)


guy5479 MSN said...

Bill, Some cemeteries do have an internet site such as the Notre Dame des Neiges Catholic cemetery on the Mount Royal where I have made important discoveries in my own genealogical research. Check out these cemeteries by inserting "cemeteries" in the search box on your server. Guy

biking2006 MSN said...

Great data base at Cote De Neige (my family plot is there), but suppose I don't know which cemetery my particular loved one is buried? Probably some day Quebec cemetery networking will be a reality.

biking2006 MSN said...

Is this place also called Cote De Neiges Cemetery? They must be just setting up their data base b/c its unavailable.Bill

shirleyb-h MSN said... I have used this search many times usually I just put in the family name like DOYLE no first name and no other info.