Sunday, February 3, 2008


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les__f MSN said...

Walter ( Metalman) does it also give you 'road construction updates' like Streets & Trips  on the computer,.I will plot out certain course sometimes using the maps on the PC,.and you can plug a GPS unit into a laptop through a USB port,.and it will track the trip & stuff,tell short cuts like you mentioned,....So I imagine the GPS would also have the information on places to avoid because of roadconstruction etc etc .?         It's amazing the equipment we have literally at our finger tips,these days,.I know that friends of ine who own commercial fish boats & have the GPS always on the monitor,.and they wonder now 'How they ever ,got by without them'.......once you've plotted all the points you want ,you can return every year or whenever to  the exact spot using your AutoPilot, & GPS     Absolutely amazing stuff.............................                                         hf&rv

metalman108 MSN said...

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