Sunday, January 13, 2008

The fletcher family

Hi to all
Does anyone have any recollections of the Fletcher family(or families of) who originated from verdun in the 1920s, they were related to my grandfather, who left Montreal during the First War and settled in England
 They had a few addresses, mainly in the Rue gordon, one was No 78
The family members were Frederick, Gordon, Grace,Cecil, George, May, John
Wonder if any one has any Fletcher connections             Thanks Chris in Australia


dannyb--1 MSN said...

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wendythepool MSN said...

Hi Chris, I remember Kenny Fletcher from VHS. I believe he lives in Calgary and I think I saw some pictures of him somewhere on this site or maybe it was the VHSsite. Wendy

maggiemck MSN said...

I think that my Kindergarten teacher at Woodland School (1964/65) was a Miss Fletcher. Maybe she was a Verdunite.

shirleyb-h MSN said...

I looked in the Lovell directory 1920 and 1929 and a few other years and no Fletcher listed at 78 Gordon - but a Wm Hopkins in 1920 amd in 1917-1918 it was a Bertram Tetley living there not to say that a Fletcher didnt room there.

maggiemck MSN said...

The Lovell Directory 1924-25 lists a few Fletchers (none at 78 Gordon): G. Fletcher, plasterer, 635 Galt Geo Fletcher, tire setter, 639 Galt Geo C. Fletcher, of Sherwin Williams Paint Co., 459 Melrose Harold Fletcher, bk messenger, 385 Rielle John Fletcher, brick contr, 194 Gordon Mrs. B. Fletcher, widow J A, 27 Church  

maggiemck MSN said...

1929/30 directory lists more Fletchers: To get a sense of where these addresses are, you can look at maps of Verdun. Click on the link on the left of the page here at VC. Galt and Rielle are on either side of Gordon Avenue. You might find it useful that the Lovell Directory lists the occupations of the head of households as well.

chris6-4 MSN said...

Thank you, as I changed my email address I forgot to place the new one on this site I have found my fletcher Line They are John and Maryanne Fletcher ( my Grandfathers sister) living at 78 Gordon on the 1901 census Children were Frederick, Gordon, Grace,George, Cecil, May, and John,  All born between 1854 and 1905

maggiemck MSN said...

Welcome back Chris. The interesting thing about the Lovell's directory of Montreal is that in the earlier editions, occupations were listed as well as the status of women. If you look at the link here,  you will see that two Fletchers were living at 78 Gordon. Gordon is listed as a Clerk and John is listed as a Bricklayer. There is also a Geo (George), plasterer, living at 87a Gordon Ave. This would have been just across the street and the 'a' suggests that is was a rooming house or apartment. Here is a link to the Lovell site, you might wish to track where some of your family members moved to.

chris6-4 MSN said...

To date I have found the following address's where my fletcher family lived
John - 78 Gordon,
Gordon - 120 Lewis ave

John - 194 gordon
George - 423 Gordon

John 415 second ave
George 4237 Bannatyne
Gordon- 310 osborne

I also came across this interesting link for frederick fletcher, the first born son of maryanne and John

Slowly piecing things together

les__f MSN said...

Hi Chris , congrats on a slow but ever moving forward ,search I wish you all the best of luck .........   HF&RV