Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today Sept 15 in Verdun

Hi pals, Well my grandson has made the Elite team from our area and we played this morning in Verdun , I live in Ile Perrot and our team is comprised of best players , Pee Wee from Ile Perrot to Ontario Broder , Verdun and Ville LaSalle's best were the opposition.
We left from Ile Perrot , across the bridge from Ile Perrot to Ste Anne de Bellevue, along the 20 , past West Island and Dorval, took the exit for the Champlain Bridge exited for Verdun and arrived at Church Ave, missed the exit so went to Caron street and then back north , then east and back down church , then took a right and left and Headed down towards the river on Galt, boy the memories, hey Les this is your territory , what a wonderful experience just being in Verdun , like its our HOME  RIGHT . 
To be explained Church is now one way north from LaSalle  blvd. to the Aqui , hence that is why on the way to the Audi we had to take GAlt .
We won 4 to 1 , however the Verdun Crowd were great people and I have to admit , walking around the old arena brought back so may memories.
Next trip is to Chateauguy , will fill you in on that trip later , hang tough Jimmy

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les__f MSN said...

Hi Jimmy (Kungfu) ,...congrats to your grandson & mates on their win,...I always like the narrative & explanation ,whenever you tell us about the trip,.I've said it before,....I always feel like Im right there in the car,....( I'm not paying for gas ......hahahahaha)  We'll look forward to Our next trip to Chateguay (I think quite a few Verduner's moved to that area too )  I'm just trying to think if the Galt Bridge was there ,on my last trip back,several years back now,.but I somehow think it may have been,but I wasn't the chaufeur at the time ,just along for the ride,.Always like getting My Buddy Randy Stewaart to drive us around when we visit,....of course like all Montrealer's he knows all the short cuts,.etc etc ,........ I get a little homesick when thinking of all the places I could visit,on a trip I will have to make that a reality one of these days,.....   Thanks for the input Kungfu,........always a good read...........   HF&RV