Saturday, September 1, 2007


What was your most favorite place ever in VERDUN?????
I think of Verdun often , however my favorite place was our home at 253 3rd Ave. apt 4  York 7143     and yours was ????? Jim Nairn


biking2006 MSN said...

The Gordon Street YMCA. (Hm. Ph. York 4532)

flynn4 MSN said...

The Boardwalk,  I lived at 623 3rd ave.    Dan Flynn

cookie3261 MSN said...

favorite place as a youngster was 1st avenue park on the swings and see-saws and monkey bars...York-8452   cookie

bahama865 MSN said...

       my very favorite spot was my home, yes my home, it was a realm that i loved, my friends would come over and we would play records in our finished playroom downstairs, next to that ,as a kid i loved the pool at natatorium in summer months,and in winter, i skated my heart out at brown rink, really never hung out at corner restaurants, if i did i was punished. when i started to work at n.e. co. as a draftswoman it was a little different as i was going to college at nite by choice. i had a lot of responsibility in my home as my dad acquired rheumatoid arthritis when i was 17 yrs of age. at that point he retired to a wheel chair and closed the real estate office, i was his secretary in my spare time , by choice. he had been such a special dad to me, isn,t that nice to be able to share these memories with you all, mom  and dad were two special people,they gave me these memories, now at this age i apprecite the values and basics they taught me,  it was yes or no, you will understand when your older, WELL NOW I DO. and it was not the books over my life but everydays experiences that has made my life completely selfless, hope you enjoyed this, gosh, i miss verdun, even the shad flies, caolyn bennett

aprilgal MSN said...

hi my place was the boardwalk too down by the wharf at demarchais and the demarchais park on the see saw ,swings also i lived at 628 6th ave and i loved the back lanes and my back shed hiding and smoking ciggies (a no no).i have fond memories of my verdun.

les__f MSN said...

Ifind it hard to Remember a most favourite place in Verdun,.but rather easy to Remember many favourite things,.that encompassed every season,.and almost every month,......each passage of time from childhood to adulthood,.provides me with some neat memories,....of course many of the places already mentioned ,are definite favourites,.....the Nat,    .the Aud..... the Boardwalk /........the Monument ,........the Hole .......Dawson's ........ Wellington Street,/./...........all the Parks,..........  Willibrord at an early age,.....then all the others on the way to school at VCHS,...... the lunches at Barry's ,.......the Pizza's later on at Rex's & Trevi etc etc .... the ,..the Bowling alley's while in grade school,.the Pool Halls as a teen, all the food I though was a treat or just simply good stuff,........ First cigarettes,.....     It really is hard to pinpoint anyone one place or thing ,.....I liked most of my life in Verdun/Montreal,...........and feel proud to have been from there (but by the same token I was happy to leave,& go explore many other parts of the Country & world for that matter)                                                               HF&RV  (what say you?)

violetbowden1 MSN said...

One if my favorite places was my house 3851 Wellington street, I remeber
when  we had a big snow storm and you would watch snow mobiles
riding on wellington street.  Another favorite place is my lane way
we had so many football games there it was great times.  Another
place was the yard of the Auditorium we used to build forts with the
boards from the hockey rink ah good times.


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What was your most favorite place ever in VERDUN?????




I think of Verdun often , however my favorite place was our home at 253 3rd Ave. apt 4  York 7143     and yours was ????? Jim Nairn

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rosemary133 MSN said...

My Favourite place in Verdun was our home, A very Happy Home.   401 Gordon Ave, York 2777   Wonderful Memories.  

bogwone MSN said...

Without a doubt, Miss Verdun's, at Desmarchais & Verdun by Kosta & Maria Kafenzakis and their children (excuse spelling if wrong); a great little hangout, with absolutely the best crowd of Verduners to hang out and grow up with.   Dean

willie MSN said...

Mine was the St Lawrence River at the end of Third Ave. I lived at 122. I would spend from 7:30 AM until about 8:30 PM down there fishing and building fires, catching frogs (I even cooked up Frogs legs there) I don't know how many YEARS that I did it for, but I bet it was probably about 10. There were tons of friends there to hang out with too. What a great childhood. Ahhh but remember those SHAD FLIES  

waynefeb2940 MSN said...

Hey Dean Miss Verdun was a great place to hang.  Our group from Melrose Ave hung out there in the mid 50's.  We would spend Saturday morning playing football or baseball then adjorn to Miss Verdun for cherry cokes. We would drive Kostas mad by flirting with his daughter Wayne B

les__f MSN said...

Hi Willie, you Remember as kids we used to get those weeds (sort of reed type stuff) ,...and strip the outside (skin/bark) off them and use them as whips, least we pretended they were whips,.......................ah the river was a cool spot,..............I suppose even more so ,cause we (or I at least ) was not supposed to go down there.................hahahahaha     and if any of us ever fell in ,we'd have to stay out long enough to dry off,.......but man it still stank.................hjahahhahahaha                                                                                                            HF&RV

country girl MSN said...

I have to agree with others that there were many places over time that were "favourites", but home at 1313 Valiquette and the lane beside it was always a safe and secure place to be.  We had great neighbours and we all got along -- French, English, Catholic, Protestant -- we had everyone joining in tag, hide-and seek, skipping, skating, toboganning.  When we had those huge snowstorms, all the dads would get together and shovel out the laneway (it was a dead-end) so they could get their cars either in or out depending on when the snow fell.  The city did not clear our lane.  The kids had a great time sliding down the mountains of snow left by shovelling, or building snow forts and having snowball fights.  It was a wonderful time and a wonderful place to grow up.  Too bad our own kids were not as fortunate....   Pam