Sunday, September 23, 2007

Google Earth

I was surfing on G.E. and discovered what looks like two small lakes
on Nun's island. Are there lakes there and are they man made? I don't
recall lakes.


guy5479 MSN said...

Bill Here is a recent map of Ile des Soeurs and the 2 lakes are clearly shown. The larger one is called Lac des Batures. The other one at top center is near Chemin du Golf . I believe these 2 lakes are man made as I don't recal there being any lake on the island. Guy    

guy5479 MSN said...

Bill, The smaller lake is part of Parc Lacoursière on another map I found. There is no name shown but if I find it I will let you know. Guy

les__f MSN said...

A little info ( heavy on the little)...about lacoursiere park on Nuns Island Lacoursi챔re park

The name was probably taken from mariner Pierre Lacoursière who provided boat service from that point between L'Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood and the island of Montréal from 1941 to 1962. Lake Lacoursière is featured in the centre of this park. The lake, which was created in 1986, served as a runoff retention pond and is a model of attractive design combined with good principles of ecology and hydrology.


Located near Chemin du Golf and Chemin Marie-Le Ber
L'Île-des-Soeurs neighbourhood

Recreational and tourist facilities
> Playgrounds for toddlers and young children (0 to 6 years old) and for older children (6 to 12)
> Skating rink
> Bike path near by                             Have Fun & Remember Verdun

les__f MSN said...

Some old info re: the lake on Nuns Island: Dead fish in Lac des Battures and in the lake at Lacoursière Park on Île des Soeurs

Ville de Verdun Updates the Situation

Verdun,  Ville de Verdun would like to update the situation involving dead fish found in Lac des Battures and in the lake in Lacoursière Park, both located on ÃŽle des SÅ“urs. To begin with, it would like to reassure Verdun residents, by confirming that the drinking water has nothing to do with the problem. The quality of the drinking water on the City’s territory is subject to two control systems: it is first checked at the water treatment plant and then, twice a week, it undergoes a second inspection at fifteen sampling points located on Verdun territory, all in keeping with the standards and requirements of the Environment Quality Act. Residents may therefore continue drinking the water without any worries.

Moreover, there are no indications that the presence or discharge of chemicals may be the cause of the problem.

The problem was reported for the first time a few weeks ago by Île des Sœurs residents who complained about unpleasant odours. The crew dispatched to the scene by the City eventually noted the presence of dead fish in the storm drainage system connected to the lake in Lacoursière Park. On April 10, six dead fish were transported to University de Montréal’s faculty of veterinary medicine in St-Hyacinthe for an autopsy. In the next few days, Ville de Verdun will be receiving the findings of this autopsy, which will make it possible to diagnose the probable cause(s) of death. It will immediately issue a press release to inform residents of the results.

On April 23, following the spring thaw, Ville de Verdun employees observed the same problem in the lake at Lacoursière Park, where they saw some frogs, two turtles and some thirty fish lying as well as in Lac des Battures, where some one hundred dead fish were found floating at the surface. Once again, water samples were taken for analysis, and specimens were sent to the Université de Montréal’s faculty of veterinary medicine in St-Hyacinthe for an autopsy.
Many specialists from the Ministère de l’environnement du Québec, the Montréal Urban Community and the Biosphère, including the very well-renowned Harm Sloterdijk, are working with Ville de Verdun’s own environment experts to try and quickly find an explanation for this sad ecological occurrence.
                           Yikes don't drink the water?  the good news is if you catch fish there,you won't have to use any bait,.or have to kill the fish after catching them,.they are already dead,.........hahahahaha        HF&RV

les__f MSN said...

Careful if you do drink the water there,.because there is some evidence to support the charge that your head may grow into a pyramid shape,

.........................Yikes !!!  these pyramid shapes however make for great birdhouses ,and on a Bird Sanctuary this can be quite an enviable quality:                                                           hf&rv

guy5479 MSN said...

The lake is also named Lac Lacoursi챔re and seems to connect to lac des Battures by a stream named Ruisseau des H챕rons. Thsi map also shows the Verdun schools. Guy  

les__f MSN said...

Nuns' Island today. With its little wood, the Battures Lake (created in 1990 from a marsh) and its bicycles path, Nuns' Island is one of the most beautiful place to live in the Montreal area. Although very inhabited because of all condominium and apartments towers, the place preserves a good balance between nature and urbanization. 34 Pictures of Nuns' island , Montreal                                              HF&RV