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What More Montreal /Verdun Re-Post Stuff.........

Photo AlbumFeb 29, '12 7:50 AM
for everyone
Quite a variety of photos collected over the years,from many collections,
Thanks to everyone who may have sent me some of these,it is appreciated. Hope you enjoy the Montreal tour,some Verdun shots in there too of course,ville emard/cote st paul...etc 
best efforts were used to credit photos where possible,most are in the public domain

1st and Verdun looking east.jpg
4th and VerdunAv.jpg
4th av bridge.jpg
5 cents outrageous.jpg
25 cent parking.jpg
25-Rue-Craig-angle-Berri Coronet tavern).jpg
57 bus from George and Donald McRae Collection PtStCharles
1945 Working Harbour.jpg
1946 MontreaL.jpg
1956 Aerial Montreal.jpg
1966 Turcot photo by Al Leishman.jpg
A la vapeur.jpg
Verdun and 2nd av
Angrion Park Display.jpg
more avenues
Aye Carumba a lot of stairs.JPG
Babe Ruth in Montreal.jpg
Bailey Bridge for Acky.jpg
Beaubien and StDenis.jpg
Remember Ben
Building StWillibrords.jpg
Copyright Michel Gravel/La Presse
Bus Terminus.jpg
Busy Downtown.jpg
Busy Roads Montreal.jpg
Busy St Antoine.jpg
Central Stn1943.jpg
Chalet BBQ.jpg
Chalet Door Service.jpg
Chief Poking Fire.jpg
CIL background.jpg
CNR Stairs.jpg
Cross have you seen the light.jpg
decarie aerial.jpg
Duddy Kravitz Wilensky's.jpg
Farine 5 Roses ex-Ogilvy's.jpg
Fire the Window Washer.jpg
For out CoteStPaul friends.jpg
Garbage Truck.jpg
Garbage Trucks.jpg
Get a Kik Out of You.jpg
Sidestreet Avs
Gus Mel.jpg
Guy St.jpg
GWMcRaeGlen YArds 76.jpg
Heading for the JC bridge.jpg
Heading for the Park.jpg
Hey Don't Push.jpg
Hiking the Stairs.jpg
Hopital de la Misericorde.jpg
hot Chocolate Time.jpg
I'll be coming round the mtn.......jpg
I'll see your nickel and ....jpg
Inside the Christmas Tree PVM.jpg
Kids Cooling Down.gif
Kids HAving a Ball.gif
KingEdward Square.jpg
Lanes and snow.jpg
Lanes or Ruelles if you like.jpg
large Ont and StLaurent.jpg
Laurier Theater Fire 77 dead.jpg
Light it Up.jpg
Love It.jpg
Lunch Counter.jpg
Making the Seaway 1958.jpg
Messenger -ettes.jpg
Mill Street.George Donald McRae photo
Money Maker at least for Winston anyway.jpg
Montreal 1964-ish.jpg
Montreal MontRoyal.jpg
MontStHilaire Sugar PArty.jpg
Again with the Avs
More CoteStPaul.jpg
More Lanes.jpg
More Monk.JPG
More Nuit Montreal.jpg
More St Catherines.jpg
more stuff.JPG
Mountain Tobaganing.jpg
Notre Dame.JPG
NotreDame and Mountain.jpg
Nuns Island.jpg
Obsolescence Grain Elevators.jpg
ogilvy's flour sign.jpg
Old Bonaventure.jpg
Old number 66 Fire Station.jpg
Old Turcot.jpg
Old Savoy Building
Once again farine sign.jpg
Ontario and StLaurent.jpg
PoinStCharles Clinic.jpg
Pull down Fire escape.jpg
Pumps at the Acqueduct.jpg
Religous Processions.JPG
Peel Street, Montreal, Canada, on 2006-03-09
Remember When.jpg
Remember when2.jpg
Removal Snow.JPG
river st pierre 1931 map.jpg
rue_Craig_vue-de-Bleury-vers-louest_2_1926 redone.jpg
rue_Craig_vue-de-Bleury-vers-louest_1926 recropped.jpg
Screaming kids.jpg
Self Explanatory.jpg
Shoppiing Day.jpg
Shopping Day.jpg
Splish Splash it's Summertime.gif
Staircase Double Vision.jpg
Stairway to Heven or the otherway.JPG
StWillibrords Boys side.jpg
StWillibrords High School.jpg
StWillibrords open 1928.jpg
SWP cover the earth.jpg
Telegraph Office CNR.jpg
Thieves Run this Place.jpg
Time to Go.jpg
Track Meet.gif
Trams and Cars.jpg
STLawrance and VanHorne.jpg
Turcot Railyards.jpg
TwoWay StCatherine.jpg
Verdun Lane
Verdun 2nd av old restaurant.JPG
Verdun kids.jpg
Love Verdun Sign
Verdun Natatorium postcard.jpg
Verdun Winter carnival.gif
Ville Emard.JPG
ville emard3.JPG
ville emard 2.JPG
When the Statue was in the center.jpg
Winter Remember that.jpg
Winter too.jpg
Wolfe Cycle
Walking down the center.jpg
Woolworths and Sight seeing Tram.jpg
Yikes thats big mac.jpg
You Know Where


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