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The Ballad of Bordeaux Jail ( a repost), lol

Blog EntryJun 21, '09 4:38 PM
by Les for everyone

Remember when they wrote a tongue in cheek song for Montreal's notorious Lucien Rivard

Here's the words:

Anne-Marie Fauteux (1965)

The warden sat at sundown,
A busy day was o’er,
He’d just lit up a fat cigar,
When a knock came at the door.

“Entrez, entrez !” the warden cried,
“La porte she is ajar !”
And who walked in, to his surprise,
But Big-Wheel, Lou Rivard !

“How come, Big-Wheel, you promenade,
It’s curfew-time, n’est-ce pas ?
I warning you to prenez-garde,
Before you break the law !”

“Pardonnez-moi mon capitane,
I did not stop to think,
But with your kind permission,
I would like to hose the rink.”

“To hose the rink ? Why sacre-bleu,
You must be wan big fool !
The rink my friend she’s beaucoup d’eau,
Like outdoor swimming pool !”

Now Rivard, like the quick brown fox,
Who must outwit the hound,
He senses with his gambler’s ken,
That he is gaining ground.

“It’s true Monsieur that ce matin,
The rink was soft like slop,
Regardez – since après-midi,
The temperature go plop !”

“C’est vrai, fait chaud from where you sit,
Across the great divide,
But where I stand I feel a draft,
Bébé it’s cold outside !”

“Eh bien, voilà, go get the hose,
Permission you obtain,
Like my new boss, Claude Wagner say,
We must be more humane.”

“Merci Monsieur, au revoir, adieu,
Light up your cold cigar,
I will not bother you again,
Exit Lucien Rivard ! !”

“Exit ! Exit !” the warden muse,
“He make the big joke, no ?
Quelle difference, he safe behind
The walls of old Bordeaux !”

One hour she pass, the warden doze,
Then bingo, tout de suite,
The sirens wail, the guards aussi,
There’s panic in the street ! !

The warden freeze – like paralyze,
The joke he get trop tard,
“Certainement, mon dieu, c’est ça,
The hose – the rink – Rivard ! ! ! “

Trop tard ! He stagger to his feet,
No need to ask pourquoi,
“Certainement – mon dieu – c’est ça,
Lucien Rivard s’en va ! !”

He cry, Monsieur the warden,
Enfin he see it all,
Big hose not for the rink by gar,
Big hose for over wall ! !

He grind his teeth, he pull his hairs,
He’ll never smile again,
As he implore, encore, — encore –


The search goes on relentless,
Through valley, hill and dell,
They seek him here, they seek him there,
That Gallic Pimpernel.

For years to come in Crooksville,
They’ll tell the epic tale,
How Rivard left his footprints,
On the walls of Bordeaux Jail.


Les F said...

This Alan Mills sounds like Burl Ives a bit......anyway here is the Ballad of Bordeau Jail

..........Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Les F said...

..I am posting this photo (out of context of course) of the Natatorium photo,which so far is as close a shot as we have seen yet ,with the little ticket booth in front of the main entrance.I have posted it in the Natatorium thread too, but not everyone recieves all the msgs posted ,and only see what appears most recently on the site (settings have to be set to recieve email or msgs to your 'In Box' .....so hopefully more folks will see this picture,I know a few times we were asked about that little kiosk/ticket vendor shack. If the photo appears to small,then if you have a wheel mouse then click and hold Ctrl. & rolll the wheel it will enalarge any photo or print type you are looking at. (I know this info maybe like mentioning the invention of the tubless tire,but some folks may not know this. Cheers ! HF&RV ..............................................................-Les

Guy Billard said...

Wow, that's really cool, I now have learned something new today. Thanks Les for sharing your knowledge.