Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Queen's Park Velodrome

Seeing the above photo of the boardwalk which Les has posted reminded me of the velodrome that was situated in this general area in 1899 to host the World's Meet.

I am still doing research on the Queen's Park velodrome that was constructed in 1898 in Verdun to host the 1899 World's Meet International Bicycle races. I have recently discovered a plan showing that the velodrome was situated as follows:

South: Chermin de Lachine (LaSalle Boulevard)

East: Rielle Avenue

North Wellington Street

West: Dike (between Willibrod and 1st avenue)

Willibrod street ended at Wellington in 1899.

I have some photos of this international sporting event but I am convinced that other photos must be around somewhere since this was an international sporting event and surely dozens of reporters where at this important event and since it was the beginning of the moving pictures, there surely must be some 8mm or 16 mm films hidden somwhere in some old shoe boxes or museum yet to be discovered.

Can you imagine Verdun with only an app. 2000 population hosting such an international sporting event, with a 12,000 cap.velodromeon the boardwalk,its mind boggling. .

I have brought up this subject before but i'm at it again as this subject just fascinates me and I am appealing to MVC members to help me in this research. Finding some films wouild be like finding the holy grail, but who knows, you never know.



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Les F said...

The above post ,was from a thread posted late last year,this may help add more info to anyone new reading this,who may have an idea or more info on Queen's Park in Verdun
.....HF&RV - Les