Monday, May 7, 2012

Official Opening of the "Old Stone House"

The Maison Nivard-de Saint-Dizier or commonly known as the "Old Stone House" will officially be opening on the19th of may as a museum. This historical house situated at the foot of the Lachine rapids was built in 1710 and is one of the oldest houses in Montreal. At last the governments have decided to do something usefull with this historical house which was renovated at a cost of app. one and a half million dollars. Our society (SHGV) was instrumental in alerting the authorities to the value of this property. It's collection will permit us to better undersand the Amérindiens (Amerindians) and the first inhabitants of Nouvelle France (New France). 




Les F said...

Nope the old grey stone house ,ain't what she used be,ain't what she used to
Cheers 1 HF&RV - Les

Suzanne Olsten said...

Hi,its funny how that old house brought back memories,my grandmother was born in Charlevoix -Les Eboulement in an old stone house in 1877 and I believe the Molson family {beer] live there now its probably there summer home I have a huge picture in my hallway ,must go back to see the place one day cheer Suzanne