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More Stuff to do, the Wellington Street Sidewalk Sale

Posted before ,this one back in 2005,but June 2012 starts this years Wellington Street Sidewalk Sale..................
Blog EntryJan 18, '05 9:50 PM
by cam3122 for everyone
Does anyone remember those sidewalk sales on Wellington every year? We used to go all the time. As kids we loved being able to walk on the streets and we usually found some great deals. Does any know if they still have them? Or is that tradition over?

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msn-princessmckiernon wrote on Jan 18, '05
I remember those sidewalk sales, they were great!
I'm in Calgary now so I honestly don't know if they still have them.
Back to School shopping sale is what I called it!
Wow, talk about bringing back memories................
June McKiernon

msn-jmhachey wrote on Jan 19, '05

Hi June,

Of course, the sidewalk sales are still alive (Now more than ever !)

I went there last year and buy a CD-ROM on Verdun at Librairie Sons et Lettres in front of NDSD Church on Wellington.

Best regards,


msn-colleenmurphy1 wrote on Jan 19, '05Best deals ever!!!!Even when I moved to Ontario, I used to go to Verdun for the sales! What they call sidewalk sales here in Calgary do not even compare.

msn-chickentaco2000 wrote on Jan 19, '05
Oh yes those sidewalk don't see things like that anymore.  Literally closing the street down to have sales!  I think each and everyone of us from Verdun experienced those sales......just before school!  LOL

msn-linnie721 wrote on Jan 23, '05
Sidewalk sales in Verdun now are not the same anymore
with the closing of so many stores . I remember people pulling and
grabbing stuff right out of your hand . they did that alot at
Maxis everybody went there. Its before all these Dollarstore
came out. Now it seem they sell the same stuff over and
over again years ago had bags and bags of bargains to
brag about .
msn-usnavybob wrote on Jan 23, '05
Regarding sidewalk sales,
I was in Verdun last summer, seems like I remember Wellington been closed of  to traffic for a few days on a weekend, they were having a gigantic street sale.
I saw the same happenings in Ville Emard on a different week-end. the streets were bustling with people.
Bob G ~ I loved Verdun and still love the memories that it brings to me.
DP from Verdun

msn-dar wrote on Jan 31, '05
Jan 31, 2005.   Re Verdun sidewalk sales.
Yes, they still have them every year - it is a big summer event - about two days I think.

gdleadcharles wrote on Apr 29, '11
its on every year i know that i went one here trying to find the date for it this year

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