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Another re-post of Motor Cycle Club from Verdun Jolly Rogers,

There were quite a few reply's in this column,from old members from the old MSN version of Verdun Connections,......some interesting people replied here: Scott if your reading this post, then you may recognize some names ,but I will still try to get better info,on the old members real names not just online ones.  
Blog EntryOct 21, '04 10:44 PM
by stewcl for everyone
  I'm a new member, just wanting to know if anyone remembers the
  above club,believe it was around the 1947-50s.
  I lived on Rushbrooke St. next to Rene's resturant.
  Most of the members also were part of the ball club that Rene sponsored. Some of the names are  Chubby Thompson, Cliff Moron, Vern Roberts,  and many others.

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msn-usnavybob wrote on Oct 22, '04
I remember the Jolly Rogers club, I used to ride in Verdun and surrounding area's, I had a 1955 Triumph, a Tiger 110, never did ride with any of the Jolly Roger members.
 I used to ride with  George Elkin, Vern Provost, Kenny Coby and Roger Brossard and a few others that I can't remember, also rode with several bikers from NDG Bob Richard, Pete Gilespie, Pete Peterson.
Paid $600.00 for that motorcycle, a far cry from what they want for a new harley now-a-days.
Hope Ya all had a Happy Thanksgiving up there in the cold counrtry, ours is just around the corner.
 here in sunny California, oooops, we finally got some rain and too much of it.
C U All later
msn-margo wrote on Oct 22, '04

Others were Billy Butler,Marty who was killed on 
his bike, can't remember

his last name just now.There was also someone last 
name Davis and others.

I hung around with Bill and Marty.


msn-westwarddaveyp wrote on Oct 22, '04

margo,martys last was lacey,sonny stark was on the back of 
martys bike when he was killed,sonny walked with a cane for a long time.sonny 
lived down the street from me on osborne.

msn-steve wrote on Oct 22, '04
My uncle Ewen Cameron was a member!
Steve Fullard
msn-coachbim wrote on Oct 26, '04
msn-gord0904 wrote on Oct 27, '04
Bill Butler is still doing well, maintaining residences in Chateauguay and Florida. His son now runs his cheque writing maching company located on Verdun and Hickson.
His younger brother Gary lives on Oakville and I'll be visiting him next week.
Gord Gibbons
msn-margo wrote on Oct 27, '04

Hi Gord,


If you see Bill tell him Margo Allen says hello. 
Hopefully he will remember me.

Where does he stay in Florida?

I now live in Brampton.


msn-exverdunie wrote on Jan 30, '05
My Uncle use to mention to me as child the Jolly Rodgers Club he was a member his name Robert Buck. I also knew Roger Brassard, if i'm not mistaken he use to own a motocycle shop for Hondas named Newman Motors on Newman Blvd. in Lasalle. He had two employees Gino the mechanic and Victor Dupuis. Roger has two sons Raymond and Roger also known as Sonny also had a daughter named Darlene. Last I heard he sold the shop.   
msn-usnavybob wrote on Jan 30, '05
Your right, Roger had a shop on Newman, he sold it several years ago.
He and Victor built a 1956 600cc Tiger 110 Triumph for yours truly, it was a unique work of art.
When he started he had a shop in Verdun in one of the alley ways, then moved to a shop at the corner of  Monk and St. Patrick. The shop is still standing and located just west of the new bridge at the foot of  Monk Blvd.(Welding Shop Now)
Victor's last name was Dechaines and not Dupuis, Victor and I rode together many times, when he was young and reckless he lived at the corner of Rielle and Wellington at the South East Corner, 2nd floor just next to the Prince George.
The last time I saw Victor was at the Champlain Bar on Church, he was working in a Harley Shop. The last time I heard from him,  he was in BC.
I believe there is a Sonny Brossard that is in this group, I just wonder if he and Roger are related?
Bob G
msn-exverdunie wrote on Jan 31, '05
I remember Newman  Motors all to well. During the mid seventies I use to frequent the shop often. At that time Roger lived above the shop. It was during this time that a Victor Dupuis worked for him as I was married to Victor at that time. One of Rogers friends who I only knew as Tarazan would visit. Maybe you know this person. Last I knew of Roger was that he sold the shop and relocated to property he had purchased by a lake. Do not recall the area as I only visited him twice out there. Both his sons went out West and Darlene went East.
msn-0nelittlestevie wrote on Jan 31, '05
Is that the Bulters from Egan
just above Verdun Ave. on the
West side.
msn-dflood64 wrote on Jan 31, '05
Re Neuman Motors.
Bought my first (and only in Canada anyway) motor cycle from these guys in May 1965. It was a Honda 90. It was one of the first few imported I believe. Cost $329.00 plus tax & lic. My dad was not happy about motor cycles so it had to be the scooter variety CM90.
Anyway it was real fun to have and only fell of twice. Once on that great S turn leading from Wellington onto the Champlain Bridge approach. Slid about a hundred feet. Burned a hole in my jacket, suffed a nice pair of shoes and only bent the foot peg.  Now have a old Kawa KZ750 Twin. Better not fall off that one here. Too much traffic would mean a large squish sound and unhappy pets.....
msn-dflood64 wrote on Jan 31, '05
Re Honda 90...
Hey Bill Ask Frank if he remembers the Honda. I don't think he ever recovered from his experiences with it........
msn-give_me_one_1 wrote on Jan 31, '05
Hey dflood wasn't that the bike

you lost the lisence plate to

and you put a cardboard one

on the back.Didn't you get stopped?

Do you Yahoo!?

Yahoo! Search presents - Jib Jab's 'Second Term'

msn-give_me_one_1 wrote on Jan 31, '05
you got stopped in Ville Lasalle.

You were in the same court that

night , with your dad , as I was .

Do you Yahoo!?

Yahoo! Search presents - Jib Jab's 'Second Term'

msn-banjo4141 wrote on Feb 1, '05
Frank still tells the story about that Honda and his tumble - well, his version anyways.
And I see someone else knows about the "cardboard" license plate episode.  Gaud, you're famous!
msn-dflood64 wrote on Feb 1, '05
Actually the story goes like this.  1966
-Lost plate sometime Friday before long weekend (Labour Day I think).
-Had a date in RAwdon so my Dad suggested a "substitute" plate (cardboard.
-Returned Monday Afternoonto go to Bar-B-Q at brother's house in Verdun.  All is well
- Stopped by Verdun cop on Joseph near Bannatyne. Asks about cardbaord plate????
- I explain... He says follow me to station.. (on Lasalle and Galt). He disusses with desk sgt. They recognize my name and proceed to start arrest proceedings. I am now a prisoner with bail required but NOT put in cell. Biggest bust of the week I guess.
- They seem to be having a good time about it.Since they have Al Capone's associate they think.
- I get my one phone call. All my Dad tell him need bail about 50 bucks-cash ONLY.
- It is between pay checks at Northern Electric so neither he or my brother has the money. He is also major pissed at the cops. Family persues other options.
- Twenty minutes latter the desk sgt gets a call. He is no longer laughing. It is MAYOR O'REILLY a good friend of my father for many years.
- Cops now are in a panic. They acknowledge to Mayor George O' who they have and appear to be getting an ear full.
- Mayor says HE will post bail and it arrives in the hands of my angry father.
-The cops huddle and decide that I will be charges with making "counterfeit license plates" plural a possible FELONY in Quebec --- go figure.
- My dad and Archie Wilcox (Queen' Consul lawyer) have a meeting on Wednesday with police chief.
- All is resolved after Wilcox and O'Rielly laughing at the cops antics. \
- My Father says he is glad he has moved to Greenfield Park and out of Verdun. (I doubt he means it).
NO Court Date and No further episodes. I get NEW plate next day ...early.
QUESTION: Steve how the hell did you know about this. Only used in past as a good drinking buddy story??????
msn-dflood64 wrote on Feb 1, '05
Hey Bill
RE Cardboard Lic plate issue:
Almost the first of the group to end up in Bordeau... But history would show that I wouldn't have been the last ...get my drift..
Re minor car-Honda confrontation Woodland andLAurendeau or Hadley
MAn that damn car jumped right out at corner and bit Frank on the knee. ONe of the most vicious and premeditated attacks ever witnessed
Frank was never the same riding on the bike after that day. He used to close his eyes aloy mumble prayers and always said his knee hurt after every ride....and we hadn't even had a beer that day...
msn-give_me_one_1 wrote on Feb 1, '05
We were both in the Lasalle court.
you were with your dad and you told me thats
the reason you were in court.
I was there for loirtering picked up
outside the resturant"Fish and Chips"
on sixth and Eduard in Ville Lasalle.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Nov 17, '05
Yes I was a member of the Jolly Rodgers, and have many pictures of same, lived on Woodland, still in touch with several others.  Now living in Chateauguay. Still driving, both in Quebec &  Winter in Florida
Ron Larman
msn-les__f wrote on Nov 17, '05
Hi  touchy826,.......Those old pictures would be great to see,....and any other Verdun/Montreal type photo's you may have saved over the years,.....Hope you  get a chance to post some of them , onthe site,.or even start your own Photo Album.................                                                          HF&RV        One of our other Verdun Connections members was or knew a lot of the JR MC guys,.....and we spoke of it on the site here a year or so ago,.....I can't Remember who it was,...but I think it may have been  USNAVYBob,......I haven't seen him on here for awhile,............but you never know he may read the messgages,.and join in......Good Luck on finding all those old pictures                                                  HF&RV
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Feb 25, '07
I too am a new member. I am one of the original members of the Jolly Rogers
Motorcycle Club. A bunch of us riders got together in 1948 and decided to form
a motorcycle club.We decided on a scull and crossbones crest through a
unanimous decision.I know the three boys you mentioned in your note. Chubby Thompson lived on May Ave.,Corner of Rushbrook. Cliff Morin Had one of the
first Vincent Black Shadow motorcycles in the Montreal area, a real fast machine.
Vernon Roberts and I both played football with the Verdun Pavillion team along
with some other Jolly Rogers Club members.I know Ron Larman has some good
photos of our old group and worth looking up.I still own a Suzuki 650 cc twin and
a Honda 350 Rancher 4x4 which I still ride all over Prince Edward Island. 
Have a good one.
msn-les__f wrote on Feb 25, '07
Hi cessnakid3,.............  Welcome to the VerdunConnections site,.
there are quite a few pictures available in the phtot albums ....under the 'pictures' link on the left hand side here,........   Sounds like your memory is working good,..we love to hear any Verdun story's or maybe you've got some pictures of life in Verdun/Montreal ??  We'd like to see those if you have some you'd like to share ....................Enjoy the site,I'm sure you'll meet a few old friends,....  
These are only a few of the pictures,posted by one of our members  'nostop514'  Nick Ostopkevich,
this last one was postd by 'touchy826'  Ron Larman..........
..............Enjoy the pics
msn-newfydog9 wrote on Feb 26, '07
Hello Cessnakid3 -
I'm not sure but I think I babysat for you once when I was about 12 so that would have been around 1953???? My name back then was Judy Grayburn....then again, maybe you're not the same Stan....just thought I'd ask.
judy in NB
msn-newfydog9 wrote on Feb 26, '07
Hey Les -
Neat photo......I recognize a few faces from way back in my "motorcycle mamma" days. Some really good times!!!  Wouldn't it be interesting to know where all these guys ended up???? This old girl is still a 'HOG wannabe' and the sound of bikes going down the road still gives me goosebumps up and down my arms.  With the price of bikes, maybe I can afford a 'scooter'......haha.
judy in NB
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Feb 26, '07
Hi, Judy,
I just read your message . I don't remember you,but,should you be a
daughter of either Harry or Gibby Graburn anything is possible.What
Street was I living on at that time? Are you presently living in New
Brunswick? My residence is in Prince Edward Island,maybe you can
hear my bikes from where you are.
msn-newfydog9 wrote on Feb 27, '07
Hi Stan -
Small world, isn't it?  Harry was my dad.  He passed away in 2003(see In Memoriam page). Gibby passed away 1-2 years before him, I think.  Sorry, I don't remember what street you lived on way back then. I think I lived on Valiquette at that time.  So you're in "Bud the Spud" land........lovely over there.  We have friends in Montague.....are you near there?  By the way, did you know that you're in one of the photos in the "Pictures" section?  I think it's on Page 2 of the albums under 'Motorcycles Verdun' and you're on the 3rd page.  Great to hear back from you - take care.
judy in NB
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Feb 27, '07
Yes it really is a small world,and getting smaller all the time. So sorry to hear about
your dad and Gibby. While I  knew them both I was much closer to your dad. he was such a great help to me when I was building runabouts. Your dad was building
B-hydroplanes whenever I wasn't bothering him for advice on how to build runabouts. He was a superb craftsman and very dedicated to the task at hand. I also
assisted your dad at quite a few regattas.Like Ste Jerome,Alexandria Ont. and of
course the Verdun Yacht Club,among others. I remember one day your dad mentioned that he had a sander that he wasn't using. I traded him my Hawian guitar
for it.Maybe you've seen it around the house.It was black with silver palm trees
printed on top.I have a farm in Goose River P.E.I. I'm about 15 miles north of a matter of fact I do alot of my shopping there .Goose River is located
on the north shore app.6 miles east of St.Peters Bay.A few other photos at the web site.Guys Canada hotel back row left of guy with a tie.Lachine outing, on Ron Larmans right wearing cap with white peak,2nd motorcycle guys left side with cap
and white peak,sitting next to Cliff Moran.
Have a good one,
msn-touchy826 wrote on Feb 27, '07
Have attached another photo,  Ron Stan & girls,   I belive you have to click on my name & photo appears in another area.. At least this is what happened last time I sent one.
See your living in P E I .
     Ron Larman
msn-les__f wrote on Feb 27, '07
Here's your pics,..............if you'd like them here in the message window??
....Hope these work,.seems I'm having trouble posting any pics ?
msn-touchy826 wrote on Feb 27, '07
Picture did not attache 
msn-touchy826 wrote on Feb 27, '07
I must not have the proceedure correct, I would like to attache photo to message , How ??
msn-les__f wrote on Feb 27, '07
Ok touchy826,.......
If you want to put your pictures in a Msg post,.and not added as an attachment (you can do that as well) However ,to ad to the Msg itself,
hit 'reply' to any Msg ,.....then when your reply window opens up,.you
will see a strip across the top of the reply area,with many selections,..
there is a little yellow box with some Mtns. & the sun in it,....
if you click on that little box,.it will open another window to allow you to select wheere you want to get your picture from,
it will say  'My Computer'   or  'one will be 'clipart gallery'
          under them You will see 'Add photo'  etc etc .
First Click on the 'My Computer ' button
.then you will see another selection Open Up saying 'Browse'
Click on 'Browse' , you can go to where you keep your pictures (the folder usually says 'My Pictures'
Select a photo, then click 'open'  this will return you to the first window
where you saw the 'My Computer' button ,.and the 'Add Photo' button,...
Click 'Add Photo' ,.then you will be returned to your message post and you can then just hit the 'Send Message' .......just like you would if you were post any message...................
It's rreally easy,....just take one step at a time,.and you will be fine,
Good Luck,...........and if you need futher help,.No problem ,.we'l;l figure it out......................
msn-exverdunie wrote on Feb 27, '07
Hi ,
     Just thought that I would add this to the subject at hand.  My Uncle Robert Buck was active with the Jolly Rogers and later on married a women by the name of Audrey Rankin. Should you wish  additional information please feel free to reply.
msn-montrealgoodtimes wrote on Feb 27, '07
Hi Les,
What school is the pic outside of , and what year?
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Feb 27, '07
I thought you would be in Panama City soaking up the sunshine by now.Then again
maybe you are.I have been a resident of P.E.I. since 2002. My house is right beside
the ocean and it's one mile to the highway. The road belongs to me and not the
government so they wont plow it. Consequently when the snow flies so do I. Back
here to Pointe Claire until my road opens up. I'm still in the same house as I was
when we met a few years ago.Right now this house is on the market,If it sells I will
buy another in Charlottetown.I have a son living year round on P.E.I. so his job is
to keep a lookout and let me know when I can safely return snow free. I couldn't
find the picture you mentioned in your message but I'm no whiz when it comes to
computors.I can readily handle my own programs but thats it.I'll keep my eye open
for it thiugh.I too have some pictures to post. When I get it all figured out I'll do it
Have a good one
msn-gpilon wrote on Feb 27, '07
My brother-in-law, Rosaire(Ross)Terreault, was also a member of the Jolly Rogers. We used to hear a lot of stories about the "gang".
msn-touchy826 wrote on Feb 28, '07
Montreal Good Times
If your refering to picture Les  showed above.
Its Connaught School  , in Ville Emard,   2 nd. grade   1937
Im the guy standing up in white with long pants on.
   Ron Larman
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 2, '07

Hi Les__F,


I think I maybe able to solve the Verdun Pavillion mystery for those that are interested.  I have a photo taken from the boardwalk side. It covers the complete south side of the restaurant. It also shows the length of the counter facing south on the boardwalk side. It is a picture of the Pavillion Restaurant Football team. It includes the owner of the restaurant his counterman and waitress. As it was described it was a large wooden building  with an interior partition that split it into two sections.An eastern section and a western section.  .Its location is as described. It was aligned with the top of  Woodland Ave. on the south side of Lasalle Blvd. It abutted the side of the boardwalk. It was aligned with one of the sets of stairs that serviced the Verdun Yacht Club. The west side of the building housed the Dance Hall where Rolland David’s Orchestra played on weekends. Maynard Ferguson was his lead trumpet. That is until he left to join Stan Kentons group in New York. As I’m sure you all know he returned  to Montreal to open the Olympic stadium and the 1976 summer games. We had sweet  and free music on a warm summers evening..And,if you had a mind to you could dance away the evening with your girl , some dim light,sweet music and a zillion shad flies.  The Verdun Yacht Club held it’s general meeting in mid-week in that same dance hall.  The band stand was just a little east of the Pav. And a little closer to Lasalle Blvd. I spent a lot of nights in there in winter playing the skaters waltz for the rink,but,that’s another story. For someother time.


Have a good one,


msn-les__f wrote on Mar 2, '07
cessna kid ,....Now that's a Verdun post,........i hoe you do have some of those pics ,....the shad flies .ah yes I Remember them well,....the boating cllub,...all Great Stuff
msn-les__f wrote on Mar 2, '07
That was supposed to say I'm glad you have that picture,......I got all excited thjere for a minute,....good recall ................  Super picture
(now you don't happen to have one of those Big Cowheads upat the old Elmhurst Dairy do you........hahahahah  We've been searching for those for years too.........
msn-metalman108 wrote on Mar 2, '07
yes a great picture, i remember back then
living on woodland, at times we would go there to
get or steamie and frie, coke.
a jewel of a picture, 
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 4, '07
This message has been deleted by the author.
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 4, '07


This is as good a time as any to insert this recent photo in my album. About 35 years ago I was responsible for maintanance at CNR. Bob Leggat was a sales rep at McRobert Spring.He would call on me from time to time.On one visit I was telling him about a large sailboat I had built and needed a trailer to haul it. Now.Bob was one of the original members of the Jolly Rogers Club along with Ron Larman and many others. About 3 wks. later  he called me up to tell me my trailer was ready & could I arrange to pick it up.Now, I didn’t ask Bob to build it,nor did I expect him to. When I went to see it wow! It sure was big and strong. I asked him what I owed him and he said,”nevermind we’ll make it up another time. I don’t know if we ever made it up but I do know that I never paid him anything.I used it for a lot of years until I got away from sailing. My son Sean bought a farm in P.E.I about 5 miles from my place,mentioned to me he needed a trailer so I gave it to him.Sean came for a visit to Pointe Claire on Christmas 2005. On his return to P.E.I.he was to pick up 2 ATV’s we had purchased in Maine. On arriving back home he sent me this photo to confirm his safe arrival.Bob passed away about fifteen years ago.For my sake this is not a photo of 2 ATV’s but,a photo of Bob’s gift  to me of 35 years ago.How can anyone ever forget Verdun or the Jolly Rogers for that matter when there in my sons yard sits Bob Leggat....saying Hi !


msn-les__f wrote on Mar 4, '07
Cewsnakid,.................... another good Verdun story,.....Thanks ,.and it's neat you still appreciate your buddy's gift...............
Incidentally the name your using ,I take it you fly ??
Your sons property looks pretty neat, you could land there if ou had to
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 4, '07
You're right on. My first one was a Cessna 177 Cardinal which I sold about five years ago. I presently have a Cessna 172 skyhawk. My flying hours in the last few years have scaled way back.
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 5, '07
When I left Verdun to work in Ottawa for two years Bob Buck was one of the riders who was to continue running the club,among others. I had been chief cook and bottle washer for some time but had to leave.I guess they did a good job,because the Club continued on for some time after that.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 5, '07
Hi;    I have had my membership cancelled , and up untill now unable to get my comments in..
To answer cessn kid,  had to leave the south in Jan, wife required some hospital attention.
We have two new grandchildren that we will be visting shortly.
The picture I refered to , on my file,  click onto my touchy thing and it will bring up same
Hope this continues and membership o'kay
msn-magmckiernon wrote on Mar 5, '07
touchy826, did you get my email regarding your membership problems?
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 6, '07
Hi;  Able to get in one message only, and then  quit again,  this happened after I went back into MSN membership.
I opened a new E-Mail with  msn @ Hotmail,   and put in for another membership, yesterday,
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 6, '07
I seem to be able to get in using old Touchy, which still shows  membership canceled on profile listing
My new membership  Scooter 956   also shows membership canceled on the profile listings.
msn-maggiemck wrote on Mar 6, '07
Where do you see a profile listing that shows cancelled membership? Can you copy and paste the page URL and send it to me? Usually if a membership is cancelled, the member ID does not show on the list that I see.
msn-bigfellow6633 wrote on Mar 8, '07
My Father, Ken Hill, raced for Budd & Dyer in the late '40's.  He rode a Vincent.  Then he went travelling with a motorcycle show for a bit.
Does anyone remember him?
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 8, '07
I remember Ken Hill a little. He became a stunt rider in a motorcycle act in the late 40's. He did an act where he rode a motorcycle inside a wire cage. I knew Alec Budd a little as he imported a lot of Harley 45's from War Assets, a lot of which ended up with the Jolly Rogers boys.The only 2 Vincent's I remember around in my time were owned by Cliff Moren and Bruce Hickey.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 8, '07

big fellow 6633
The last I saw of Ken, he was racing go Carts,  This was many years ago,   I had gone to the race with another friend Ted Dixon and suprised to see Ken. there.
Just a coincidence but I almost ran over your uncle yesterday , in the local  (Chateauguay) I G A parking lot,  but he still gave me a big smile
The Gazette  ran a   very nice story about your Uncles & Aunt, with there WW 2  activity
I always use to kid Ken about the war years, your grandfather was a radio ham 
& had an ariel that was  3 storys high,  and we use to pass the word around, this was a German spy operation,  Woodland Street.
    Ron Larman
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 8, '07
Maggie McK
I have E-Mailed to you from my yahoo site,  copy of my profile, hope this is what  your interested in.  will try to attache  a photo in my next mail to Verdun connections. but when I tried yesterday  all went well until the final sending, when the message turned into front page of Verdun Connections
Had trouble getting to site
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 8, '07
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 8, '07
   Fianly got picture in.
List of people,  starting left  Bob Foley  between 2 parked cars
Bob Buck next,  Bill Butler ,  Kevin Skillander,  Cliff Morin,  Roby Neilea,
Bob Miller,   Ricky Longtin,   Jack Eden
    Ron Larman
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 8, '07
In last message forgot to mention Stan Booth in House not on motorcylce , he was best man at wedding  and  of course I'm in the middle with Joyce.
msn-bigfellow6633 wrote on Mar 9, '07
Thank you for the information.  I know so little about my Dad's early years.
I had heard about the story in The Gazette, but never saw it.  I am trying to get a copy.
Which uncle was that?  Harold or Jimmy?
I do remember my Granpa's radio.  It took up all the space in the dining room.  The walls were floor to ceiling with radio bits and pieces.  I remember when the antenna had to come down.  It was a very sad day for him.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 9, '07
Cannot ever remember names   sorry.  Ken your Father & I are close in age and we did some things  together, Uncles were older  and only knew on a less familuar basis.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 9, '07
Stan;   You photo of Your Mom you &   1937 Ford, you mention year being  1956,  I thought it was much   around  1951/52.
I gave you a hand putting in new block when your Dad passed it along to you, if I rember we went to Lachonia  N.H.  in same, either that year of new block or next..
This was my first time at a major motorcycle race. Went many times after
Also latter on Bob Legget bought an identical car, Did you remember  when he had it , But I  was in 2 accidents with him,  one on Atwater Ave.  the other on Noter Dame St.  when he bumbed into a street car, Passenger got out and starting bad mouthing us. ended up in a brawl. Bob had to go to court over same.
But my memory  with dates  suffering bad latley.??
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 9, '07
I just checked the date on my photo it says 1950. Must be a misprint somewhere. I remember that trip very well. First off we were only allowed 3 people on the front and only seat in the car. If you remember Joyce had to sit on the floor all covered up and hidden when we went through customs. When we arrived in Laconia there were no rooms available in the hotels and motels.. We ended up sleeping in an old battered trailer in someones yard. You don't forget a once in a lifetime trip like that. I would do it again  in a heart beat. I know it was 1950 because my Dad bought a new car in 1951 and also a new house in Dorval.
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 10, '07
Hi, Ron,
I think I know where the 1956 year confusion comes from. It was my Dad's new 1951 Pontiac that became mine in 1956. That was after he kept it for 5 years. Dad bought another new one in 1956 that became mine in 1961. Hope this clears it up.
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 11, '07
 Hi, Ron,
What a revelation! While I wasn't in your recently displayed wedding picture, my car was. If you look over Rickey Longtin's right shoulder, you will see a rear-end view of my 37 Ford coupe parked at the curb. I'd know it anywhere. Stan.
msn-gorderic wrote on Mar 12, '07
Hi Ron:
I sent the wedding photo onto Bill Butler (through his brother Gary).
We were neighbours of the Butler's and your motorcycles were really popular on Egan Avenue.
Gord Gibbons
444 Egan Avnue
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 16, '07
Gord Eric
Met Bill Butler this afternoon,  says he received copy of wedding photo,  and showed same to Bob Buck.. We go to the same watering hole
Of course they regonized everyone.
                  Ron Larman
msn-maggiemck wrote on Mar 16, '07
Is Bob Buck related to M. Laurel Buck?
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 17, '07
I don't know if you are still active or not but, I noticed a photo of someone you may
know. He comes from your area of Verdun.In the back row of the More Motorcycles Verdun Photo is a shot of Melvyn Bell .He lived near Chubby Thompson on May Avenue.He is in the last row, on the left of Coach Baker in suit and tie. Also a photo of Vernon Roberts in center of middle row.
msn-keithinbeeton1 wrote on Mar 18, '07
I beleive that Melvyn Bell is my first cousin whom I have not heard or seen from since the late 50's. He used to live on May avenue and his sister was Carolyn. Parents were Fred and Emma Bell.  (both now deceased) I cannot place the fellow 2nd from the left, but the fellow next to him looks a lot like Mel.
Last time I saw him he was recovering from an auto accident when he was almots killed. Last time I heard he was in Halifax or somewhere in the maritimes. His sister Carolyn passed away many years ago in California and was married to a fellow called Pat Seymour.    
Does the above ring a bell with anyone. If Mel is my uncle, I would be greatful for any memories of him and his family as I am the only one left. 
Thank you.
Keith Harrison
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 18, '07
Maggie McK:
Bob Buck is not related to  M Laurel Buck,
We had another  Victor ( Vic)  Buck in the Jolly Rodgers, drove A Single  Panther, and did a bit of racing. he was a pretty good rider.
He was a cousin to my wife, we last had a vist from him  approx. 1964, he had moved to an Island in the West Indies,  and enjoyed the lifestyle there, worked as a electrician, lower wages,  but no burn outs,  he had some great pictures to show us..
     Ron Larman
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 18, '07
Hi, Keith,
I don't know a lot about Melvyn Bell, but here's what I do know. I played football on the same Verdun Pavillion Football team as Mel in 1947. In the summer of  1948 we spent quite some time at my aunt's cottage in Cantic ,Que. He didn't own a motorcycle,but,rode on the back of mine.We spent most of that summer hangiing around the Riverview Hotel in Cantic,sowing our wild oats,as they say. One evening his sister was buggjng me for a ride,and I consented. We were riding along Wellington Street in front of Tassee's when I was cut off by a Nap Leduc ice truck. Rather than hit the truck I threw the bike down. I ended up with a broken elbow and Carolyn broke one of her fingers.Mel and I met a couple of girls that summer and sort of went different ways.I only saw him once in a blue moon after that.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 19, '07
cessn kid3
I remember you going around with your arm in a sling, and being talked into getting on back of your Harley,  with only one arm to drive with, I Had to Shift gears, while you did the rest.
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 19, '07
What aa memory! It sure sounds like something we would do,back then,"eh"
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 20, '07
Just wondering.Do you remember the time you bought your 22 cal. colt woodsman? We hung targets up in the basement of your Mom's store and blasted away. I often wondered how many of your Mom's customers we chased away.
msn-edbro68 wrote on Mar 20, '07
Hey Cesskid, Do you remember my brother in law Bob Thompson, Tall redhead, Played for Antecol's in that league.            Ed
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 21, '07
While I don't recall Bob Thompson by name,I surely remember the Antecol's football team. I barely remember the names of one third of my own team.I do remember that most of the players on the Antecol's team lived in Ville Emard. The one name that I 'll never forget from that team was Salty. He was a big burly linesman. I bounced off him more times than I care to remember. Antecol's was a good team that did Ville Emarde proud.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 21, '07
Remember the day well,  Jack Murray there as well.  But it was a High Standard Auto. I had bought, my turn came up,  and I stood next to wall & fired off 10 rounds rapid fire.  same resulted in a concusion  to my left ear, that has left that ear deaf.. Not to saftery minded then.
Latter Years I heard Jack Murray had been murdered in Vancouver.. He left the restaurant  Woodland & Wellington to his Sister.. Did you stay in touch with him ??
 Salty  (Ville Emard)   His last name was Murrano, and lived on Dumas Street, Played Middle,  , He got me to take a bus to Leary, and pick up a Harley he had bought.
He  I  and Tommy Savagau, took a trip, Salty  on back of Tommy's bike,  we went through  Tobbaco country,  picking, untill  tornado came through, ending season. moved on to Sarnia.
We left Salty there, he took a job with Imperial oil, pipe fitter,  and played middle for there football team.
Tommy & I went to Michigan after. this was a lot of travling on a 45 Harley  Year 1950
Years latter he married, and I heard he got involved with dope dealing,  and he & his wife were shot in bed
his Brother has a tailor shop on Springland St, Ville Emard
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 21, '07
The year before Jack Merie [or Murray] moved to Vancouver, we went on a moose hunting trip to La Macaza. On that trip was Donnie Halverston, Red Eden the Verdun Cop. Jack Merie and myself. Red Eden is Jack Eden's brother,as I'm sure you know. Donnie Halverston became a conductor on a C.N.R. freight train and was rear-ended and killed near the east end refinery. And I later heard about the murder of Jack Merie. Didn't Jack's other sister run a haberdashery next door to the restaurant? Something else to think about. The day we swapped my runabout for your MG,for a day. You splashed around the river and I left a little rubber on the 2 and 20.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 22, '07
Few Years  back I met Don Halvertson's widow on St Lawrenec St.  She was shopping, and  wife & I passed her,  we all stoped.  She came running back & gave me a hugh hug, Got  quite a look from the  wife, we talked over old times.
Jack Eden & I worked Dosco , he drove a truck, when he passed away several Years ago, Red was at funeral, he had been working as a guard in Penitary. Jack's widow Slyvia , has moved to Chateauguay. They had been living in Verdun, and country home in Cantic
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 23, '07
Adding pictures of  Salty
Also my  MG
Picture taken on Argle, close to Banantyne, parents lived there   1953
msn-les__f wrote on Mar 23, '07
Ron ,.great old Verdun picture, the old MG (it's a TD right??)
My Uncle & Aunt bought a new MGA in 57 ish,....... always thought it was a fun little car............(no heat though) so Summer was the only time you should drive it,...hahahahaha
Great Verdun pics ,.I love the B&W stuff,..........
How are you scanning your pics Ron?  maybe we can think of a way to help get you more room,to post these old pics, it will allow you more space,...?/
Can't promise anything but we can certainly try to help:
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Mar 23, '07
Sure glad you decided to show that torn photo of Salty. It shows Salty just the way I remember him.It's amazing, how the right photo can so perfectly refresh ones memory. Is that your Dad in the MG photo? The build seems right but can't make out the features.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 27, '07
Les F
Yes its a 1951 MG  TD.
I scan photos into  "my pictures"   Then attach to mail.
I have   A dell PC  and  use  XP.    I do not know how to shrink,  attached phots.  ?? 
msn-touchy826 wrote on Mar 27, '07
More photos of cars  I had in the 1950's.
1:  1951  MG  TD   1-1/4 Liter    morris motor 55 HP.   top speed   75/80 M.P.H.
2:  1955    TR 2   2 Liter   Standard Motor motor  90 H.P. top speed  105 M.P.H.  Had wire wheels, adjustable steering,7 speeds, fiber glass hard top, tonneau cover,  covertable top, windows slid open.
3:  1957  140  XK Jaguar  3.5 Liter  D.O.H. C. forgot H.P
top speed  140 M.P.H.,  Drop head coupe, and it was all dressed up.  wire wheels   etc.
4:  1958  TR 3  2 liter  Same motor has TR 2, but 100 H.P.
They were a great deal of fun, I passed up on owning Austin Healey's
msn-arbutus wrote on Mar 27, '07
This message has been deleted by the author.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Apr 1, '07
Further to older cars, pictures of my parents ,,  1927,  & cars.  one has knock off  wire wheels,   Went for motor bike ride last Wednsay,  but its still a bit cool
msn-metalman108 wrote on Apr 1, '07
thank you for sharing your pictures
i'm enjoying them very much.
looks like the bonnie and clyde days
in the fashion business maybe one
day they will have the style of clothing 
and hat wear they had back then.
lots of class back then
msn-the lad wrote on Apr 2, '07
Hi Ron
Can I ask you when you worked at Dosco? My ex was there and so was some of her family as well..Pretty sure you would know them.
msn-touchy826 wrote on Apr 2, '07
The Lad
Started when it was called  Canadian Tube & Steel  1950
Then  Dosco . Dominion Steel & Coal. Latter  Sidbec
 Retired  1986
Worked in Wire Mills mostly, including  Nails & fence Depts.
1 Year In Bolt & Nut.
9 Months out in Rod & Bar Mill in Contrecoeur
.Worked mid mangement after 1954.
msn-the lad wrote on Apr 3, '07
HI Ron
The ex ended up as a buyer in wire mill..then company changed name again.
My ex father in law worked in rolling mill...
The ex started in main office,and was in dispatch by front gate for a long time.
Sure I met you somewhere there..u ever in the bowling league they had?
msn-touchy826 wrote on Apr 4, '07
The lad
Used to bowl during the 1950's
Would need to know name of Ex. & Father in law.
Still see Nick Pukalo, who worked Rolling
Mill, lost part of leg in accident, His Father was a foreman
& Brother  Steve,  also worked on Rolling floor
   Ron Larman
msn-harriett wrote on Apr 17, '07
It is so nice that you  remember my Dad and his love of building racing boats. I was probably too young to remember you.
But do you remember when he built the *Angry Bee** in our garage on valiquette in a record 6 days. I do , I was the only one small enough to fit in the nose of the boat to mark everything he had to glue and screw. He had a friend of ours paint a picture of a Bee with boxing gloves. He use to box in his younger years also.  So the combination worked out well for the picture. He use to race Akli Hydro with stacks that were about 3 feet long. Boy - did that thing SCREAM. Such a small world. I saw that you had been talking to my sister (Newfy dog9) Thanks for bringing back a great memory. Just to let you know that he continued to build racing boats till he was about60 yrs old. His last one was *GRAMPS* after my son. His sight got quite bad after his 63 yr and allthough he couldn't build anymore he was always drawing plans for boats. He had  even drew up plans to build me a double Kayak that was impossible to tip( he knew I was not very brave when it came to the water). My son even got into racing and bought a 2.5 Litre Hydro back in 1991. Raced for 7 yrs before moving to the states. He still has the hydro and has rebuilt it over the years, and every time I see what he has done I swear it is the work of my father. Jim is very fussy about what he does, the same as my father was when building  boats.  Sorry I can go on forever sometimes .
Anyway thanks for the memory
Harriett (Grayburn) Hewitt
msn-cessnakid3 wrote on Apr 21, '07
Good to hear from you. Not surprised to hear that boat bulding runs in the family.Your Dad had a lot of it in his genes. Thank God he was very generous with his knowledge of it. While not familiar with his six day record, it could easily have happened between my visits. If aanyone could do it, he could. I moved from Rolland Ave. to Dorval in 1955, but continued building boats for a long time after that. Anytime my work took me anywhere near the CNR backshops I always took the time to drop in on your Dad to chew the fat. I used many of the tricks he taught me for a long time after leaving Verdun. For one, he showed me how to wrap burlap bags around stubborn lengths of oak and pour kettles of boiling water over it's length until flexible enough to curve without cracking or splitting. He also showed me how to draw the design I wanted and then enlarge it to full size. Then measure the frame dimensions from the full size drawings.I could easilygo on and on with the tricks he showed me, but I wont. I have very vivid images of him,especially with his glasses all covered with sawdust pushed up on his forehead leaning over the bottom of one of his boats.One of the great memories that I cherish.
msn-harriett wrote on Apr 22, '07
Hi Cessna, You really did use alot of his tricks for bending the wood.
He built a boat for Expo 67 ( BU 100) - did all the plans and jig in 66 in the basement and waited for the Spring to put all in the garage on Moffat. Helped with all the gluing, and got thrown out of the garage as I was getting high on the super glue he was using. Then started with the staining and varnishing. Seven coats of stain and then varnish , water sand - I did this with him for eleven coats of varnish. One thing about my father he never stopped me from helping when I showed interest.  Definitely not a male chauvenist!!! Even had me take apart motors, of course putting them back together was HIS job.  I was at the Pav when he tried the boat and motor for the first time. Usually on weekends I was at Napierville working but they were closed for those 2 weeks.
That day I met my future husband.  That day I also got to take the boat out - to my surprise. When he came in he threw me the life jacket and helmut and said you earned it.  I couldn't start the motor as there was so much compression so he stayed on the wharf and pulled the cord. I just kept the pistol grip full open and hoped for the best . What a feeling when it started. I was out for about 10 minutes , but told Dad it doesn't go fast enough for me.  I am a speed freak. Boats, Cars, almost anything. God forbid if we ever got together to talk we would go on forever.
Anyway thanks for the additional memories.
msn-montrealgoodtimes wrote on May 24, '07
Hello All,
Weren't there more pics of the Jolly Rogers?
I mean there was a group photo that was posted that I don't see anymore.
Or was it a different group.
scott7592 wrote on Apr 29
Hello everyone. I know this thread is old, but I just googled Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club and this thread came up. My dad, Art Williams, spoke occasionally about being part of the Jolly Rogers. He had an Indian, then later a Harley, and was friends with Frank Meikle and Phil Barzdenis. He was born in Verdun in 1930 and lived there until our family moved to California around 1968. Unfortunately he passed away in 1995 and my mom, Jean Cameron (Williams), passed away back in 1985. Did any of you know my parents?


Les F said...

Ok Scott I see that you have read this post & rep;lied to it,.......I will continue to look up other related posts, Cheers ! HF&RV

Sue Van Duinen said...

My stepfather mentioned that his brother, Donald Snow, was in in the Jolly Rogers.

Les F said...

Hi Sue, your stefather is which Snow ? I knew a Snow family who lived on Gordon near Welllington in the early 60's ,.there were many in the Snow family,although I cannot recall all their names, Jack, Bobby, Qwen , Wendy(youngest I think) ,,,,,,,and of course their parents,the name Donald sounds familiar,but I am really not sure of that. The family were known to be some of the most expert in experience of the river, I remember they also had pigeons on the roof,& also hunted in the fall,.and spent a lot of time on Heron island . Sadly Bobby Snow drowned along with 3 other friends in the river one night. Their back gallery / shed was diagonally across from us (we lived on WellingtonSt (where Greenberg's moved to,when they tore down the houses we lived in aftet a fire had all but ravaged the block.CKVL was our neighbour sharing the backlane btwn Gordon & Galt. Anyway that's my story & I'm sticking to
Cheers ! HF&RB - Les