Monday, May 10, 2010

An old website Verdun Old Boys

I can remember finding this site a pile of years ago,just to Find Verdun Stuff,then Verdun Connections, but this VOB & the old Wackers Ball Hockey site,were among the first.Check it out ,you may find some people you know.          Verdun Old Boys

Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto

"In Beer We Trust"

WebSite Updated June 7, 2006


Les F said...

You can explore each of the segments in their site,I doubt they surf it much anymore,but who knows?

Les F said...

Here's another "DID YOU KNOW" Verdun thing.......
May 20 West Vancouver was “twinned” with the Montreal suburb of Verdun. A similar ceremony was held in Verdun on June 24. For an explanation of the admirable “twin city” concept, go to this site. Six delegates from Verdun, including Mayor J. Albert Gariépy and the city's director general, Guy Gagnon participated in the twinning ceremony in West Vancouver. During these respective events, a West Vancouver Park was named on Nun's Island in Verdun and a Verdun Park was inaugurated by West Vancouver officials.
This naming a twinning of Verdun -West Van happened in 1968 ,,Cheers ! HF&RV