Monday, May 10, 2010

1956 Electricity Bill

Hows that for an electricity bill, $4.32 in 1956. It was discarded somewhere in our archives and I put in one of our albums as it depics an era in Verdun in the 50s. Obviously Peter Jocksys of 1065 4th ave. wich would be between Bannantyne and Champlain did not consume much electricity.


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Les F said...

Don't forget we were constantly reminded by our parents to "Turn the Light Off"
also another reminder was not to stand with the Fridge door open,if you did you were told immediatley to "close the fridge door"
and of course the ever famous,command during Winter time...."Close the Door, We are not trying to Heat the whole neighbourhood" hahahahaha Cheers ! HF&RV
all those requests qould have contributed to lower bills...not like today when kids figure if something uses electricity,then you better leave it