Monday, December 3, 2007

things i eat when i go back to montreal.

Lafleurs ..deux chien chaude toute garne, pepsi,chip
LaBelle Bar-B-Q
Mikes Subs
Real Bagel in Westmount
Schwartz's deli

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shirleyb-h MSN said...

First stop Atwater market - then because I cant wait any longer the hotdog place on Charlevoix.  My sisters boyfriend used to have a restaurant so he would slice a slab of smoked meat for me and vacupak it into several packages - kept for ages.   Real Rye bread and if I can find it the blended loaf of rye and pumpernickel   Pizza - in Calgary I make my own - you can guess why - there are 2 smoked meat places run by x montrealers - one in the North East near the airport and one way down south end of town the south end of town I think is called Cafe Metro.   Alas smoked meat gives me heart burn now - so I travel with zantac - I am sure if you pop one of those before you eat you may stave off the heartburn.   I have to have several trips to hotdog heaven - since we stay in the Eastern Townships I found a great place called Louis' in Sherbrooke although the fries are probably better at Charlevoix in the Point.   I get maple syrup either from Ralph Knowlton in Knowlton landing and sometimes also get some at Atwater Market   At the Metro in Magog I buy white old cheddar - prepacked Riviera brand and my husband claims it is better than the 5 year old Balderson's I can buy here in Calgary. Then there is a trip to Brome Lake Duck place in Knowlton - I bought a huge pack of Duck Livers to cook for the dogs - well I dont eat liver but my husband claimed that it was beyond delicious. Pick up some Pate - I dont eat that either by husband does. This past October we were there for Thanksgiving and I bought a turkey to cook and also a ham - best damn ham it was called Toupie which we can get here but the one I got in Montreal at Magog Metro was sweet might of been Maple Syrup smoked. Gave the left over piece to my son to take home and brought the rest back to Calgary.